Citation CJ2

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Cessna - By Textron Aviation
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
3,420 ft / 1,042 m
Landing Distance
2,620 ft / 799 m
1,605 nm / 1,847 mi / 2,973 km
Max Cruise Speed
407 kt / 468 mph / 753 km/h
Cruising Altitude
45,000 ft / 13,716 m
Cabin Altitude
8,000 ft / 2,438 m
Cabin Height
4 ft 9 in / 1.45 m
Cabin Width
4 ft 10 in / 1.47 m
Cabin Length
13 ft 7 in / 4.14 m
Baggage Capacity
75 cu ft / 2.12 cu m

Requested Routes

South Lake Tahoe Airport, South Lake Tahoe, CA (TVL / KTVL) to Tucson International Airport, Tucson, AZ (TUS / KTUS)

San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA (SJC / KSJC) to Denver International Airport, Denver, CO (DEN / KDEN)

Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport, Bridgeport, CT (BDR / KBDR) to Tuscaloosa Regional Airport, Tuscaloosa, AL (TCL / KTCL)


CESSNA C525A | CITATION CJ2 (1999-2005)
The Cessna Citation CJ2 (Model 525A) is the 5th generation of the Citation series and is an improvement to the Cessna Model 525 Citation CJ1. The Citation CJ2 features updated engines, wider wingspan that has significantly increased maximum takeoff weight and payload, an increased climb and cruising speeds, and increased range, all while maintaining fuel efficiency.The Cessna Citation CJ2 began production in 1999 and deliveries began in 2000. Cessna would deliver a total of 243 Citation CJ2’s prior to releasing its successor, the Citation CJ2+, making its first flight on April 2, 2005. One year later in 2006, CJ2 production would be replaced by the CJ2+ and the first aircraft would be delivered featuring upgraded engines, avionics, and interior. With the Citation series continued success, Cessna continued to improve upon the Model 525A again and create a larger Model 525B, Citation CJ3/CJ3+ series, as well as others such as the CJ4 and M2. Due to demand, Cessna would not continue production past 2015 however, Cessna had released an upgrade in 2014 the CJ2+ Alpine Edition which incorporated Garmin’s G3000 avionics suite as well as new cabin stylings similar to the Citation M2.

Boasting an additional three feet of length compared to its predecessor the CJ1’s cabin, the CJ2 cabin rivals the spaciousness of some much more expensive aircraft on the market, measuring 4 feet 9 inches (1.45 m) tall, 4 feet 10 inches (1.47 m) wide, and 13 feet 7 inches (4.14 m) long. Six passenger seats are arranged in a center-club configuration on the CJ2. At each seat in the club section, there are side-stow tables as well as a power outlet and access to a data connection.  Two more passengers can be accommodated with one joining the captain in the cockpit and by using the certified belted lavatory seat. It is equipped with a flushing lavatory separated by a curtain divider (although not recommended if all adults). With a maximum seating capacity of eight, it could be pretty tight, we would recommend keeping it around 6 passengers. Passengers are able to bring about 6 bags on board and store it in an easily accessible compartment while in flight measuring 10 cubic feet (0.28 cu m)! Baggage that is not required in flight can be kept in the expanded exterior storage compartment in the nose and tail cone measuring 65 cubic feet (1.84 cu m).

The Citation CJ2 series aircraft avoid many of their competitors’ inefficiencies while maximizing performance and economy by utilizing some of the most efficient engines available.The Citation CJ2 is powered by two Williams-Rolls FJ44-2C turbofan engines, each producing 2,400 pounds of thrust and with an hourly fuel burn of 138 gallons of fuel per hour (GPH). The Citation CJ2 has a range of 1,505 nautical miles (1,732 mi / 2,787 km) when flown under NBAA IFR 4 passenger conditions with available fuel. It is capable of a max cruising speed of 407 knots (468 mph / 753 km/h).

Engineers equipped the completely integrated Pro Line 21 avionics package into the cockpit, which was also overhauled and improved. The industry-leading IFIS from Rockwell Collins is an intrinsic part of the CJ2 and enables a higher degree of operational efficiency and convenience by paving the way for a paperless flight deck. The File Server Unit (FSU) is at the heart of the system, communicating with the Pro-Line 21MFDs over a high-bandwidth Ethernet link.

When compared to similar private planes, the CJ2 is very intuitive which makes the flight much smoother. The innovative technology and top of the line avionics ensures the highest levels of safety are achieved and maintained on every flight. The cabin is large enough to accommodate 4 adults comfortably for a 2+ hour flight. The advantage of having such straightforward operational requirements is that this private jet may be operated single pilot if need be, allowing for exceptional flying flexibility. However, we always recommend two. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Citation CJ2’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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