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Freight plane / Cargo Charter is a kind of air transportation that allows you to carry various goods of all weights and sizes, sometimes requiring the entire aircrafts cargo space. Such services include transportation of airmail and air express. Sometimes for smaller cargo transportation, we can even use any available space in the cargo area on commercial aircraft whilst operating passenger flights.

 If you need to transfer cargo, you need to find a provider with the required specification and a professional team to perform transportation.

Cargo Charter Services

We provide personalized solutions to transporting your cargo in flight, which are available to you worldwide, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Such types of cargo air transport require special training , permits, and professional skills as these days cargo is transported using sophisticated technologies and requires accurate calculations for successful and safe delivery to different parts of the world.

Dangerous goods

In order to transport hazardous goods and substances (HAZMAT), it is necessary to have specialized and professional equipment while remaining aware of all intricacies of those procedures. Our specialists can transport dangerous goods such as explosives and flammable substances, toxic and infectious materials, radioactive components, and many other types of risky cargo. Our professional staff will help you at every stage of the procedure, from obtaining all the necessary documents allowing the transport of HAZMAT classified items to the save arrival of your items at your desired destination.

Humanitarian and Urgent relief

Our company specializes in the transporting of urgent cargo aircraft deliveries. Among them are pharmaceuticals, cars, petroleum products, or other types of goods that need to be urgently delivered to their destination. Such service can be an indispensable aid in the delivery of donor organs to patients who urgently need them.

Our specialists within a short period of time will pick up an affordable aircraft for you after you leave your request and deliver your urgent cargo to any place.

cargo charter

Heavy Cargo

Our team is also engaged in the transportation of heavy and large loads. To carry out such types of transportation, our specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills and can send your goods to any place available. Such cargoes include parts for power plants, vehicles such as helicopters, boats, or planes, and materials for ships or the oil industry. Our experienced specialists will deliver your goods in integrity and safety to the required place.

 Why choose Charter Jets, Inc. for cargo charter flights?

Our company is experienced in transporting cargo and global logistics support. We serve private individuals, commercial organizations, and government agencies. Our entire network holds or will obtain all the necessary licenses, certifications, and applicable permits for transportation.

You should consider our experienced company because we have access to a large fleet of aircraft, professional workers and competitive prices. And among the strongest points, we:

Cargo jets
  • Provide services around the planet. No matter where you need to deliver your cargo or where it should be picked up from, our company has an extensive number of offices around the globe and can provide the safe and successful delivery of your cargo to any place on our planet.
  • Offer the availability. We ensure the delivery of items using cargo air charter even to underserved airports. This approach allows us to deliver your cargo as close as possible to the final destination when other companies can’t do it.
  • Follow the low pricing policy of our company. Our competitive prices allow you to save a large amount of money on the transportation of various goods. We guarantee you that you can always find solutions that are beneficial to you.
  • Seasoned staff. Each member of our professional network has completed special courses and received competencies to carry out such operations.
  • Open access to a huge number of aircraft. Our company has access to thousands of aircraft and will always find a solution for any situation and any type of cargo.
  • Around-the-clock support. Our experienced company will provide you with a personal aviation advisor who will be available 24/7 and will help you in any situation related to your cargo.

With our 24-7 Operations team, you will receive the highest-quality service in any location on the planet. We help you save as much time and money as possible. And in case you need to fly to the same destination as your cargo, you can use our price calculator and choose the best option.


Why do I need to choose Charter Jets, Inc. for my cargo?

First of all, we have competitive prices. We are a certified organization with a permit to operate. Moreover, we have an extended fleet of aviation vehicles, which gives a wide choice of transport for different purposes of freight transportation.

I need to transport my cargo. What are my next steps?

You should contact us via the special form and provide all the necessary information for the flight. After that, our manager will contact you, and you’ll be provided with all the details and terms.

What type of cargo can you transport?

Our company performs both urgent and non-urgent cargo transportation to any location in the world. We perform the transportation of hazardous substances, radioactive waste as well as humanitarian cargo or medical cargo.

Are there any limits for my goods?

Our air solutions include thousands of different aircraft specifications. Our professional staff will always find a solution for any situation.