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900-1,700 nm
~290 kt
up to 19 passengers

Requested Routes



Vero Beach Municipal Airport, Vero Beach, FL (KVRB)

Staniel Cay Airport, Staniel Cay, Bahamas (MYES)

Luton, London, UK (EGGW)

Isle of Man Airport, Ballasalla, Isle of Man, U.K. (EGNS)

Dulles International, Dulles, VA (KIAD)

Martha’s Vineyard Municipal Airport, Martha’s Vineyard, MA (KMVY)

Turboprop. Aircraft's Description

Turboprop aircraft are ideal for short and mid-range passenger and cargo missions. They can operate into and out of some of the shortest and most remote airports where most jets cannot thanks to their incredible field performance. Turboprop aircraft are powered by turbine engines which are jet engines but with a propeller attached. Turboprop aircraft have an average cruise speed of 290 knots (333 mph / 537 km/h) at a cruising altitude of 25,000-30,000 feet while the aircraft that are pressurized maintain an average cabin pressure around 7,000ft.-8,000ft.

Their range can vary significantly depending on the aircraft selected, passenger weights, and weather. Their cabin size and amenities vary significantly as well as smaller turboprops are not equipped with a lavatory on board. While these aircraft are rated for single pilot operation, we always recommend using two. Hourly cost for operating a Turboprop Aircraft can range from $2,000 to $3,000 before taxes, fuel, landing fees, overnight fees, etc.Turboprop aircraft are great options for airports with short runways and difficult approaches as they boast some of the shortest landing and take-off distances. Reach out to CharterJets Inc. today to get your quote on your upcoming Turboprop trip.