Citation X

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Cessna - By Textron Aviation
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
5,141 ft / 1,567 m
Landing Distance
2,730 ft / 832 m
3,140 nm / 3,614 mi / 5,816 km
Max Cruise Speed
528 kt / 608 mph / 978 km/h
Cruising Altitude
51,000 ft / 15,545 m
Cabin Altitude
8,000 ft / 2,438 m
Cabin Height
5 ft 8 in / 1.73 m
Cabin Width
5 ft 6 in / 1.68 m
Cabin Length
23 ft 11 in / 7.29 m
Baggage Capacity
82 cu ft / 2.32 cu m

Requested Routes

David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Spring, TX (DWH / KDWH) to El Dorado International Airport, Bogota, Colombia (BOG / SKBO)

Exuma International Airport, Moss Town, Bahamas (GGT / MYEF) to Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (YVR / CYVR)

Tallahassee International Airport, Tallahassee, FL (TLH / KTLH) to to Eagle County Regional Airport, Gypsum, CO (EGE / KEGE)


CESSNA | C750 | CITATION X (1996-2014)
The Citation X is an American business jet manufactured by Cessna. It is a member of the Citation family and Cessna desired to enhance the Citation family’s image. The Citation models introduced in the 1970s were initially designed to be utilitarian. As a result, they proved to be significantly slower than the competing Learjet’s, unofficially known as “rockets”.  Cessna had to overcome the general perception of the Citation as a sluggish airplane, despite the fact that their jets finally caught up to the competition and the Citation X was their response. What a response it was, with a max speed of 0.925 mach! They even increased this with the reimagined Citation X+. The Citation X was announced at the NBAA convention in October 1990 and its first flight on December 21, 1993. After many delays, it finally received its type certificate on June 3, 1996, and was delivered for the first time in July of 1996 to legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer. They iconically went on to set a speed record together in September 1997 of 473 knots on a closed course of 3,107 miles!In 2010, Cessna initiated a major update of the aircraft, initially dubbed the Citation Ten, now X+, included upgraded engines and updated avionics with a heads-up display. The winglets available as an option on the Citation X became standard on the X+, and the cabin was stretched almost 15 inches to increase passenger comfort, as well as a few other things. With all of them combined, the X+ has increased its thrust, maximum payload, max cruise speed at multiple flight levels, max range at multiple altitudes, length, wing span, height, and maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). All while decreasing fuel consumption and overall drag. In June of 2014, the X+ received type certification and was immediately delivered to a commercial real estate developer in Orchard Park, NY and entered service. In 2018, Cessna announced it was ending production after delivering 338 total Citation X / X+ aircraft.

Even though the Citation X is the world’s fastest midsize aircraft, Cessna did not overlook designing a cozy and opulent interior to top-off the package. The Citation X featured the biggest cabin of any Citation model at the time of its debut. Its 23′ 11′′ cabin length, 5′ 6′′ cabin width, and 5′ 8′′ cabin height give adequate space for relaxation and stretching out. Typically accommodating eight people in a luxurious executive configuration, the Citation X can alternatively accommodate a maximum of twelve passengers in a more dense seating configuration.By including a huge lavatory, a fully equipped galley, and a spacious closet, Cessna ensures that passengers’ requirements are prepared in advance and met during the journey. Additionally, the Citation X has approximately 80 cubic feet of storage capacity in a well-heated and pressurized baggage compartment, effectively protecting your most delicate cargo regardless of weather conditions. Cessna has created a luxurious luxury cabin to compliment the Citation X’s undeniably exceptional top speeds. At the rear of the private plane is a restroom large enough to function as a dressing room, and a wardrobe large enough to store garment bags sits nearby.

At the time of its inception, engineers throughout the private jet industry were under pressure to build more dependable, higher-performing products that were far less expensive to operate. Rolls-Royce unquestionably satisfied the criteria in developing the high-bypass AE3007C1 turbofan engine with a thrust rating of 8,600 pounds. It was eventually fine-tuned particularly for the Citation X to operate at a lower temperature, allowing the jet’s engines to operate for extended periods of time.The Citation X’s engines featured the highest thrust-to-weight ratio possible at the time, as well as the lowest specific fuel consumption in its class. It took considerable effort to get the Citation X to cruise at.925 Mach. Aerospace experts spent months using computational fluid dynamics computer technologies to analyze the jet’s aerodynamic structure. The Citation X’s range is 3,111 nautical miles when operating under NBAA IFR 4 passenger conditions with adequate fuel. Each hour, it consumes 325 gallons of gasoline.

Cessna utilized the most advanced technology that was available at the time which included the advanced Honeywell Primus 2000 autopilot/flight director suite. This system features five 78-inch displays that replace conventional analog instrumentation with an easy-to-read EICAS display.It features a dual flight management system and is equipped with Honeywell GPS as standard. Cessna stated in 2004 that the Enhanced Vision System: a handy tool that employs infrared sensors to produce a visual for the pilot when flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), such as during snow and rainstorms, fog, or at night, would be available as an option on the Citation X.

The Citation X is a performance aircraft, with faultless aerodynamics and unparalleled performance data. Other aircraft just cannot keep up with it as it travels slightly below the speed of sound. The Citation X expedites your journey, saving you valuable time and money. The Citation X is an airplane you must experience for yourself due to its potent blend of comfort and performance. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Citation X’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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