Gulfstream G450

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Gulfstream Aerospace
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
5,600 ft / 1,707 m
Landing Distance
3,260 ft / 994 m
4,350 nm / 5,006 mi / 8,056 km
Max Cruise Speed
589 kt / 675 mph / 1,087 km/h
Cruising Altitude
41,000 ft / 12,497 m
Cabin Altitude
3,255 ft / 992 m
Cabin Height
6 ft 2 in / 1.88 m
Cabin Width
7 ft 4 in / 2.24 m
Cabin Length
40 ft 4 in / 12.29 m
Baggage Capacity
169 cu ft / 4.79 cu m

Requested Routes

Guanacaste Airport / Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport / Liberia International Airport, Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR / MRLB) to Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia, PA (PNE / KPNE)

Sugar Land Regional Airport, Sugar Land, TX (SGR / KSGR) to Paris–Le Bourget Airport, Le Bourget, France (LBG / LFPB)

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, Savannah, GA (SAV / KSAV) to Josep Tarradellas Barcelona / El Prat Airport, Barcelona, Spain (BCN / LEBL)


GULFSTREAM G450 (2004-2017)
The Gulfstream G450 is an investment in your success, built on next-generation technology and adapted to meet your evolving demands. Developed as a variant to the G400 (originally developed from the G-IV). The Gulfstream G400 began production in 2003 and concluded in 2004. 23 aircraft were produced.Gulfstream began construction on an enhanced version of the G-IV/SP, dubbed the GIV-X, in 2001. Later, it was dubbed G450. The G450 is 1 foot (0.305 m) longer than the G400 and shares the G550’s forward fuselage and bigger cockpit. The G450 began production in October 2004, replacing the G400. The G450 features increased performance and an updated flight deck. In 2018, Gulfstream would release the updated variant of the G450, the G500, not to be confused with their larger GV that would be updated to the G600.

The Gulfstream 450 has a cabin volume of 1,525 cubic feet and will comfortably accommodate all your passengers. Passengers can stand comfortably in the 6.2-foot-high cabin, which features over 7 feet in width and over 45 feet in length (an 18-inch increase from the G-III). The luggage compartment is 169 cubic feet and is accessible during the trip. Two full-length coat closets are positioned within each of the two completely enclosed restrooms. Numerous cabin amenities will make transcontinental and transoceanic flights more pleasurable. To begin, the full-sized galley is fully equipped for hot and cold food preparation, including a high-temperature oven, microwave, full-sized sink with hot and cold water, chilled storage, two coffee makers, and an optional espresso machine. There is also fitted stowage for the dinner set (including glassware and silverware) that has been specifically designed for Gulfstream’s private planes.Electronics include a CD, VHS, and DVD player, two LCD screens, separate headphones for each seat (for the cabin audio system), a fax machine, and satellite phones as standard and optional features. Additional amenities include power outlets, work tables, and a LAN connection. Controls for electronics, lighting, and the two-zone climate control system are accessible from a variety of positions within the cabin.

Gulfstream began using turbofan engines in 1967 and continued to produce the aircraft until 1980, when the Gulfstream III became the top business jet. However, in order to improve the GIV’s noise level and fuel efficiency, Gulfstream’s engineers picked the Rolls-Royce turbofan, and since that day, have never looked back. The Gulfstream 450’s upgraded Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines are based on the SpeyRB.183-555 high-pressure engine core, which has logged thousands of hours of flying time in a variety of different commercial and private planes. The Rolls-Royce Tay engine, on the other hand, produces 2,600 pounds greater thrust than the Spey engine upon takeoff. Each of the Tay engines generates 13,850 pounds of power, enabling a 5,600-foot sea-level takeoff. At 5,000 feet altitude, the runway required extends to 8,030 feet.The engines readily fulfill both FAR part 36 phase III noise regulations. The Gulfstream 450 has a climb rate of 23 minutes to 41,000 feet.  The Gulfstream G450 can cruise at .88 Mach (589 knots) at a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet following more than 800 hours of wind tunnel testing and aerodynamic modifications. The flying envelope of the G450 is extended to 45,000 feet. The cabin is pressurized to 9.5 pounds per square inch, which enables the G450 to retain a sea-level cabin at 22,000 feet. The maximum range is 5,000 miles (when traveling at.80 Mach with eight passengers and three crew members) (4,350 nautical miles).

Four huge liquid crystal flight displays, a Gulfstream enhanced vision system (EVS) with a Honeywell HUD 2020 head-up display, and a cursor control device comprise the PlaneView cockpit. Gulfstream and Kollsman created the EVS, which is the first vision system of its kind to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The visual system enhances the pilot’s situational awareness and contributes to increased safety.The Gulfstream synthetic vision-primary flight display (SV-PFD) system and the Gulfstream / Kollsman second-generation EVS II were certified by the FAA for the G450 in January 2008. SV-PFD displays three-dimensional, color views of the landscape from Honeywell’s upgraded ground proximity warning system (EGPWS). EVS II is ten kilograms lighter than the preceding EVS and has four times the computing capability and memory. Honeywell Primus Epic avionics are installed on the aircraft. Avionics are mounted near the cabin door.

With a range of over 5,000 miles, the Gulfstream G450 is purpose-built for long-distance travel in dependable luxury and reliability. All passengers cruise in comfort in this magnificent global business jet, which has a spacious cabin with a full-service galley and adequate luggage storage. This enables everyone to bring everything they need for an extended journey. Each trip is accompanied by an experienced flight attendant. The Gulfstream G450 is one of our finest global business jets, connecting you to your destination with ease and offering an amazing long-range travel experience from takeoff to landing. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Gulfstream G450’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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