Gulfstream G650

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Ultra Long Range Jets
Gulfstream Aerospace
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
5,858 ft / 1,786 m
Landing Distance
3,182 ft / 970 m
7,000 nm / 8,056 mi / 12,965 km
Max Cruise Speed
600 kt / 691 mph / 1,112 km/h
Cruising Altitude
51,000 ft / 15,545 m
Cabin Altitude
4,850 ft / 1,478 m
Cabin Height
6 ft 3 in / 1.91 m
Cabin Width
8 ft 2 in / 2.49 m
Cabin Length
46 ft 10 in / 14.27 m
Baggage Capacity
195 cu ft / 5.52 cu m

Requested Routes

Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey (ISL / LTBA) to Lynden Pindling International Airport, Nassau, Bahamas (NAS / MYNN)

São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, São Paulo, Brazil (GRU / SBGR) to Farnborough Airport, Farnborough, U.K. (FAB / EGLF)

Teterboro Airport, Teterboro, NJ (TEB / KTEB) to Al Maktoum International, Dubai (Jebel Ali), U.A.E. (DWC / OMDW)


The Gulfstream G650 has a history that dates all the way back to 2005, when the project was commenced internally. At the time, the aircraft was slated to be Gulfstream’s biggest ever. Gulfstream revealed the aircraft to the public in 2008, describing it as the company’s largest, fastest, and most costly aircraft to date. The G700 has since claimed these championships.On December 20th, 2012, Gulfstream delivered its first G650. Gulfstream flew the G650 around the world in 2013, shattering the previous record of 41 hours and 7 minutes. This is the fastest westbound voyage in a non-supersonic airplane to round the world. The G650 and G650ER have amassed almost 110 speed records in total. Approximately half of these records are held by the G650 alone. The aircraft is available in two variants: the G650 and the G650ER. The G650ER (extended range) is based on the same architecture as the G650 but features a larger fuel tank with an additional 500 nm range.

Gulfstream G650’s cabin feels like an elegant retreat in the sky, with one of the largest interiors in its class. Although most large cabin jets include three zones, the G650 features four zones, providing additional space for work, dining, relaxing, and sleeping. Each seat faces a window to take in the views from the sixteen panoramic windows that bring natural light into the cabin. Gulfstream’s handmade chairs combine comfort and productivity, allowing you to sit in and enjoy the flight. As envisioned, the G650 is capable of providing entirely flatbeds for passengers while circumnavigating the globe. Each single seat and divan converts to a bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. In the G650 you will enjoy the most luxurious cabin amenities available. Expect WiFi connectivity, a 42-inch flatscreen television, video monitors, and a spacious galley. The G650’s interior is one of the quietest in aviation, making it the ideal location to unwind. The cabin noise level of the G650 is merely 47 dB.Cabin pressure remains constant at a comfortable 4,850 feet at its 51,000 feet cruise altitude and even lower the cabin pressure to 2,800 feet when cruising at 41,000 feet! Throughout the entire flight, the G650 is continuously providing 100% fresh, never circulated, throughout the aircraft’s cabin. Simultaneously, air is expelled from the cabin, ensuring that each breath you take is fresh, pure, and never recycled. These functions work in unison to mitigate the impacts of flight fatigue, and you’ll truly feel the difference.

The G650 is capable of transporting up to 18 passengers over a distance of 7,000 nm. At a maximum height of 51,000 feet, the G650 maximum speed is 667 knots. As a result, the G650 is capable of non-stop flights from London to practically any airport in the world, with the exception of Australia, New Zealand, and South America’s extreme south. The G650 is also capable of non-stop service between Los Angeles and Sydney, as well as New York and Tokyo.The G650 can take off in just 5,858 feet thanks to two rear-mounted Rolls-Royce BR725 engines producing 16,900 lbs of thrust each. The minimum landing distance for the G650 is 3,182 feet. The G650 has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 99,600 pounds and a maximum landing weight of 83,500 pounds. The G650 is capable of carrying up to 44,200 pounds of gasoline.

The flight deck is equipped with the Gulfstream PlaneView II, one of the world’s most modern avionics systems.  Streamlined displays assist pilots in maintaining attention as they approach the speed of sound; Cursor Control Devices (CCDs) put a variety of data at the pilot’s fingertips; and side-mounted cursor controls enable pilots to explore and choose data on the multi-function displays easily.At night and in low-visibility circumstances, the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II provides comprehensive views of airports and surrounding terrain, and pilots can route EVS images to a Head-Up Display (HUD). All of these aspects contribute to the flight crew’s increased information ownership and situational awareness.

While the majority are headquartered in the United States, G650’s can be found in nearly every country on Earth, from Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, as well as China, Singapore, and New Zealand. This Ultra Long-range jet is competitive with the Global Express, Airbus Corporate Jet, and Boeing Business Jet, and was voted the 2014 Collier Trophy winner, an annual aviation prize presented by the United States National Aeronautic Association. If you have a large group of passengers, needing to make a transatlantic flight or two, this is hands down the aircraft for your journey. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Gulfstream G650’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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