Gulfstream G650ER

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Ultra Long Range Jets
Gulfstream Aerospace
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
6,299 ft / 1,920 m
Landing Distance
3,182 ft / 970 m
7,500 nm / 8,631 mi / 13,890 km
Max Cruise Speed
600 kt / 691 mph / 1,112 km/h
Cruising Altitude
51,000 ft / 15,545 m
Cabin Altitude
4,850 ft / 1,478 m
Cabin Height
6 ft 3 in / 1.91 m
Cabin Width
8 ft 2 in / 2.49 m
Cabin Length
46 ft 10 in / 14.27 m
Baggage Capacity
195 cu ft / 5.52 cu m

Requested Routes

Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport, Salerno, Italy (QSR / LIRI) to Montréal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (YHU / CYHU)

Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow, Russian Federation (VKO / UUWW) to Opa-Locka Airport, Opa-Locka, FL (OPF / KOPF)

Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, Fort Worth, TX (DFW / KDFW) to Chek Lap Kok / Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong (HKG / VHHH)


The Gulfstream G650 started production in 2012 as a clean-sheet design, followed by the announcement of the G650ER in 2013 which is the G650 model’s “extended range” variant. It has bigger fuel tanks, allowing it to carry 4,000 pounds/1,814 kilograms more than the G650 and enabling it to fly longer distances at faster cruising speeds. Four 2012 G650s were updated to the G650ER variants in 2014 and delivered toward the end of the year, ahead of its projected completion date of 2015.The fuselage cross section of the G650/G650ER has an unusual oval form with eight huge (28 inch) cabin windows on each side. The wing has a wider sweep (36 degrees) than prior Gulfstream models and does not have leading-edge high-lift devices. The aircraft is completely fly-by-wire controlled. The fuselage is made of metal, while the empennage, winglets, and engine cowlings are made of composite materials.With a range of up to 7,500 nautical miles and a max speed near the speed of sound, the Gulfstream G650ER is unmatched for nonstop transcontinental travel. Destinations as far away as Tokyo or Dubai are easily accessible from anywhere in the United States, including airports that are inaccessible to other large-cabin aircraft.

The record for farthest fastest flight in business aviation is held by the Gulfstream G650ER and was achieved departing March 29th, 2019 from Singapore headed direct to Tucson, AZ. Averaging 597 mph (960 km/h) over a distance of 8,379 nautical miles (9,642 miles / 15,518 km). The G650ER’s performance shattered the previous record by 44 minutes and more than 225 nautical miles (417 kilometers), reaffirming Gulfstream’s claim of the G650ER being the fastest longest-range jet in the world to date.

The G650ER is powered by two incredibly engineered Rolls-Royce Deutschland engines that are rear-mounted and achieves a top speed of Mach 0.925. Despite its record breaking speed, this magnificent aircraft is extremely fuel efficient. The cabin is unusually silent, which enables passengers to focus more readily on the task at hand, easily converse with fellow passengers, or simply rest in unmatched comfort. The G650ER can take off in just 6,299 feet thanks to two rear-mounted Rolls-Royce BR725 engines producing 16,900 lbs of thrust each. The minimum landing distance for the G650ER is 3,182 feet. The G650ER has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 103,600 pounds and a maximum landing weight of 83,500 pounds. The G650 is capable of carrying up to 48,200 pounds of gasoline.

The G650ER’s interior is one of the quietest in business aviation, making it the ideal location to unwind. The cabin noise level of the G650ER is at 47 dB. The G650ER also boasts the lowest cabin altitude of any business jet which is slightly under 4,100 feet. When traveling at 51,000 feet, the cabin is 4,100 feet above sea level. It is critical to note, however, that while flying below 51,000 feet, the cabin altitude is significantly lower. Passengers report reduced weariness, better sleep, and a more rejuvenated arrival. The combination of these elements ensures the G650ER provides maximum comfort to every passenger. Throughout the entire flight, the G650 is continuously providing 100% fresh, never circulated, throughout the aircraft’s cabin. Simultaneously, air is expelled from the cabin, ensuring that each breath you take is fresh, pure, and never recycled.As envisioned, the G650ER is capable of providing entirely flat beds for up to nine people while circumnavigating the globe. All single seats and divan beds transform to beds, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Flying the G650ER entitles you to the most luxurious cabin amenities available. MOST

The G650ER provides passengers with continuous connectivity via an integrated wireless internet facility and multi-channel satellite communication technologies.  Passengers may use their mobile devices to regulate the internal temperature, electrical equipment, window blinds, and lighting via a Gulfstream cabin management system (GCMS) smartphone app. Expect WiFi connectivity the entire flight with a 42-inch flatscreen television, video monitors, and a spacious galley. The front galley is fully equipped with a refrigerator, ice drawer, and sink, as well as an oven and microwave, and last but not least, a coffee pot and Nespresso machine. Granite sinks are used in the front and aft lavatories. Additionally, there is a moving map of the Airshow, an Apple TV connection, external cameras, three displays, and power outlets at each seat.

The G650ER’s cockpit has an integrated flight control system powered by Thales’ three-axis fly-by-wire technology. The technology equips the jet with innovative capabilities that minimizes weight and optimizes fuel efficiency. The PlaneView II flight deck system enables pilots to view the aircraft’s position, flying conditions, and surroundings, as well as neighboring airways, airports, and meteorological data simultaneously. The system integrates flight management and flight displays, providing pilots with a consolidated view of all data using cursor control devices (CCDs).The G650ER’s superior cockpit delivers critical data in an easy-to-read layout, enhancing situational awareness and pilot response time. On-board the aircraft, the PlaneConnect Health and Trend Monitoring (HTM) smart technology solution enables the gathering and transfer of aircraft operating data to the operator and pre-selected reviewers in order to facilitate prompt maintenance.

Since its first flight in 2014, the G650ER has shown both its practical performance capabilities and superior comfort. The G650ER, together with its sister aircraft, the G650, has set 90 speed records!  In 2015, the G650ER flew from Singapore to Las Vegas 9.218 miles (8,010 nautical miles / 14,835 kilometers) in 14 hours and 32 minutes. To follow that up in 2019, the G650ER flew 8,602 miles (7,475 nautical miles / 13,843 kilometers) in 13 hours and 37 minutes from Singapore to San Francisco. These continued record-breaking flights demonstrate unequivocally and consistently that the G650ER sets the standard by combining its world-class range and speed.

The Gulfstream cabin experience is enhanced by its unique panoramic oval windows and 100% fresh, never recycled, air. With a typical seating capacity of 16, it can convert to nine sleeping configurations, making it an ideal aircraft for intercontinental travel. With a range of up to 7,500 nautical miles and a max cruise speed near the speed of sound, the Gulfstream G650ER is unmatched for nonstop transcontinental travel. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Gulfstream G650ER’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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