Hawker 850XP

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Midsize Jets
Hawker Beechcraft / Raytheon
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
5,032 ft / 1,534 m
Landing Distance
3,810 ft / 1,161 m
2,710 nm / 3,119 mi / 5,020 km
Max Cruise Speed
456 kt / 525 mph / 845 km/h
Cruising Altitude
41,000 ft / 12,497 m
Cabin Altitude
7,500 ft / 2,286 m
Cabin Height
5 ft 9 in / 1.75 m
Cabin Width
6 ft / 1.83 m
Cabin Length
21 ft 4 in / 6.49 m
Baggage Capacity
50 cu ft / 1.42 cu m

Requested Routes

Los Cabos International Airport, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico (SJD / MMSD) to Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City, OK (OKC / KOKC)

Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA (OAK / KOAK) to Albany International Airport, Albany, NY (ALB / KALB)

New Quito International Mariscal Sucre General Airport, Quito, Ecuador (UIO / SEQM) to Florianópolis-Hercílio Luz International / Floripa Airport, Florianopolis, Brazil (FLN / SBFL)


RAYTHEON HAWKER 850XP (2006-2007)  BEECHCRAFT HAWKER 850XP (2007-2009)
The Hawker family has perfected the modernization process over the years with its numerous variations each with the latest, innovative technology (of its time). De Havilland began a new project in 1961 to replace its piston engine aircraft called the “Dove”, with a small business jet labeled the DH.125 Jet Dragon. Prior to this project starting, de Havilland was bought out by Hawker Siddeley and subsequently, the DH.125 Jet Dragon entered production as the Hawker Siddeley HS.125, a designation it retained until 1977. However, in America it mainly remained the DH.125 until 1977 when the British Aircraft Corporation merged with Hawker Siddeley, forming the iconic British Aerospace Corporation and updating its name to the British Aerospace 125 or “BAe 125”. British Aerospace produced two variants, the 125-800 and the larger, intercontinental version, the 125-1000. In 1993 British Aerospace sold its Business Jets Division to Raytheon. Following its purchase, Raytheon renamed the aircraft series the Hawker 800 and Hawker 1000. The Hawker 850XP is a continuation of this pattern of innovation as it can climb quicker, fly  farther, and outperforms its predecessor, the successful 800XP (XP stands for Extra Performance). The 850XP, certified in 2006, is the third member of the 800 series. The Hawker 850XP is similar to the Hawker 800XP except for updated avionics, a redesigned / updated interior, and the addition of winglets which have improved the aircraft’s range by 140 nautical miles!

The Hawker 850XP’s spacious and open cabin are the key differentiator for many private travelers. Its imposing proportions ensure that its passengers have ample space for mobility and legroom. The interior, which is often configured in a sumptuous double club configuration, comfortably seats eight guests.The cabin’s standard amenities include touch-screen seat controls, adjustable seats, small in-cabin luggage storage, LCD lighting, and, of course, abundant standing room to stretch out. Something to keep in mind with this aircraft is that it has a small baggage compartment in the cabin. There are some earlier models with an optional exterior baggage compartment but on those models the total fuel load is reduced therefore reducing the aircraft’s range.

The Hawker 850XP is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines, each producing 4,660 pounds of thrust and using 277 gallons of fuel per hour (GPH). The Hawker 850XP’s range is 2,642 nautical miles when flown under NBAA IFR 4 passenger conditions with sufficient fuel. The 850XP’s most distinguishing feature, introduced in 2006, is its design, notably the inclusion of winglets. By generating a more aerodynamic airplane, this modest alteration boosts overall performance.The 850XP soars to 39,000 feet in two minutes shorter than its predecessor and adds 100 nautical miles to its range. It makes cross-country journeys between Teterboro and San Francisco (2,225 nm). Reduced drag enables the aircraft to operate against headwinds at a high-speed cruising speed of 448 knots while consuming less fuel. Surprisingly, winglets also extend the period between basic airplane inspections from 300 to 600 hours. The balanced field length has been reduced to 5,640 feet, but the long-range cruising speed has been increased to 402 mph from 389 knots on the Hawker 800XP.

Another noteworthy aspect of the 850XP is its updated avionics system. The 850XP is equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. Four 8×10-inch adaptable displays provide information on navigation, terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS), weather, reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM), and improved ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS). The technology is intuitively configured to reduce workload while boosting cockpit safety and awareness.

The Hawker 850XP is a well-known business jet that is perfect for mid-range travel. It offers a luxurious flying experience in the largest-in-class cabin that seats up to eight people and features an exclusive AFT Closet in the fully enclosed, with a hard door, aft lavatory. It is no wonder this series of Hawkers have been amongst the best selling Midsize Jet. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Hawker 850XP’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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