King Air 360

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Beechcraft - By Textron Aviation
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
3,300 ft / 1,006 m
Landing Distance
2,692 ft / 821 m
1,806 nm / 2,078 mi / 3,344 km
Max Cruise Speed
312 kt / 359 mph / 578 km/h
Cruising Altitude
35,000 ft / 10,668 m
Cabin Altitude
5,960 ft / 1,817 m
Cabin Height
4 ft 9 in / 1.4 m
Cabin Width
4 ft 8 in / 1.37 m
Cabin Length
19 ft 6 in / 5.94 m
Baggage Capacity
71 cu ft / 2.02 cu m

Requested Routes

St. Paul Downtown Airport, St. Paul, MN (STP / KSTP) to Glacier Park International, Kalispell, MT (FCA / KGPI)

Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ (MSC / KFFZ) to Midland International Airport, Midland, TX (MAF / KMAF)

Centennial Airport, Denver, CO (APA / KAPA) to Bill & Hilary Clinton Airport, Little Rock, AR (LIT / KLIT)


Introduced in 1984 as the “Super King Air 300”. The Model 300 was modeled after the B200 but features a revised airframe and more powerful engines with reworked cowlings. Beechcraft began upgrading the 300 in 1988, lengthening the fuselage about three feet, adding two cabin windows on each side, and adding winglets to create the Model B300, which is now known as the King Air 350. In 1990, the King Air 350 was renamed the Super King Air 350. The “Super” label was discarded in 1996.In August 2020, the King Air 360 was announced. Textron, the company that owns Beechcraft, announced that the aircraft was already underway. A short few months later, deliveries began rolling off of that production line. On November 12th, 2020, Textron Aviation delivered the first King Air 360 to Stamoules Produce Company, Inc. based in California. The King Air 360 is the next evolution of the King Air 350/350ER. In many aspects, the King Air 360 is identical to the 350 in terms of specifications. The 360 variant, on the other hand, features an improved interior design and a redesigned cockpit that reduces pilot workload. This ensures the highest safety levels are achieved throughout your entire flight.

Beechcraft designed a stronger cabin pressure system to maintain a lower overall cabin altitude. Reduced cabin altitude increases passenger comfort as well as decreases passenger fatigue. Passenger comfort is further enhanced by reshaped cabinets, pinhole lighting, updated seat designs, and low-profile air and light adjustments.The updated King Air 360 has been equipped with top of the line soundproofing technology. With the extensive physical soundproofing installed and innovative noise-cancelling technology, conversations become effortless in the cabin while in-flight. This lowered cabin noise will also have you feeling much more refreshed than in previous models. The King Air 360’s interior offers wide-executive chairs, fold-out tables, USB charging stations, and power outlets. All easily accessible from the comfort of your oversized seat. These characteristics paired with the low cabin pressure of 5,960 feet at an altitude of 35,000 feet, creates an extremely peaceful, refreshing environment.The King Air 360’s cabin is a reasonable size, with adequate head and shoulder room throughout. The seats are configured in a double club arrangement and are upholstered in premium leather. Passengers will also enjoy an integrated refreshment center, illuminated cup holders, and a fully enclosed, with hard door, at the aft of the aircraft. Optionally, the aircraft can be equipped with WiFi to ensure that you are always connected.

Two wing-mounted Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-6OA engines power the King Air 360. Each engine can produce up to 1,050 horsepower (Shaft Horsepower). Hartzell manufactures the propellers which include four-aluminum blades with constant-speed and automatic feathering.The 360 can take off on a 3,300-foot runway and land at 2,692 feet. Additionally, the aircraft can cruise for a maximum distance of 1,806 nautical miles without refueling. The aircraft can cruise at a maximum speed of 312 knots and a maximum height of 35,000 feet with an impressively low cabin altitude of 5,960 ft.

In its simplicity, the King Air 360 cockpit is stunning. Pro Line Fusion avionics are included with the aircraft. This advanced yet simple avionics suite streamlines how the pilots aviate, communicate, and navigate. IS&S ThrustSense Auto-throttle feature decreases pilot workload by providing precise control for efficient power output. Digital pressurization sets cabin pressures automatically throughout both ascent and descent, enhancing passenger comfort and minimizing pilot workload even more. Additionally, the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion interface streamlines flight display setup. Using fingertip touches and swipes, flight information may be swiftly arranged.

The King Air 360 turboprop expands upon the King Air family’s legendary versatility, durability, and reliability, while delivering passengers in unrivaled cabin comfort. This aircraft can accommodate 8 passengers and is equipped with the newest cabin technology, innovative automation, and industry leading safety technology, the King Air 360 is one of the overall highest performance turboprop aircrafts on the market. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated King Air 360’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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