Learjet 60XR

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Bombardier Aviation
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
5,450 ft / 1,661 m
Landing Distance
3,120 ft / 951 m
2,418 nm / 2,783 mi / 4,479 km
Max Cruise Speed
466 kt / 536 mph / 863 km/h
Cruising Altitude
51,000 ft / 15,545 m
Cabin Altitude
6,500 ft / 1,981 m
Cabin Height
5 ft 7 in / 1.71 m
Cabin Width
5 ft 9 in / 1.81 m
Cabin Length
17 ft 7 in / 5.39 m
Baggage Capacity
59 cu ft / 1.67 cu m

Requested Routes

Rifle / Garfield County Regional Airport, Rifle, CO (RIL / KRIL) to Asheville Regional Airport, Asheville, NC (AVL / KAVL)

Rutland–Southern Vermont Regional Airport, North Clarendon, VT (RUT / KRUT) to Bismarck Municipal Airport, Bismarck, ND (BIS / KBIS)

Helena Regional Airport, Helena, MT (HLN / KHLN) to Manchester–Boston Regional Airport, Manchester, NH (MHT / KMHT)


Bombardier delivered the completed Learjet 60 to its first customer in 1993. The Learjet 60XR is the top-of-the-line Learjet 60 model, succeeding the Learjet 60SE. The Learjet 60XR is the most audacious of the Learjet series, showcasing new fuel-efficient engines, a more space efficient fuselage, and an all glass cockpit. Between 2007 and 2013, Bombardier constructed 114 Learjet 60XRs. Bombardier announced the suspension of manufacturing of the Learjet 60XR in July 2012. While Bombardier did not specifically announce the Learjet 60 was being discontinued, Bombardier did announce in February of 2021 that is ending production on its Learjet series, the Learjet 75 being the only aircraft that is currently manufactured in the Learjet line.

As guests board the Learjet 60XR, it is clear to see the vast differences and improvements of the interior over its predecessors. One of the most important upgrades for overall client satisfaction is the cabin atmosphere and Bombardier did not disappoint. With the new redesigned cabin, the cabin volume has increased which is an upgrade and you can feel as you move throughout the spacious cabin.Although the business jet has a maximum capacity of nine people, it is optimized for the comfortable and luxurious transport of six to seven passengers. The aircraft’s luxurious club seating configurations with first-class seats, retractable worktables, and enough legroom lay the groundwork for a relaxing ride. Some additional upgrades are its new seats are able to fully berth or lie-flat for longer journeys and the lavatory has an inviting warmth to it (thanks to an additional window).  Additionally, the upgrade also includes numerous architectural enhancements, such as improved baggage storage capacity of 59 cubic feet, a larger galley, and a cabin management system that supports electronic power and control modules. Without a doubt, the Learjet 60XR represents a major increase on all fronts.

The Learjet 60XR, based on the large-cabin 55 series, is enhanced in size and performance value. It is the first aircraft in the family to be powered with PW305 turbofan engines rather than General Electric versions. Each Pratt & Whitney Canada PWC305A engine produces 4,600 pounds of thrust. They have a 6,000-hour inspection interval.With such strong engines, the Learjet outperforms competitors in its class in terms of performance. It will out-climb any mid-size jet, climbing at a rate of up to 4,500 feet per minute (FPM). It has a top speed of 466 knots and a certified flying ceiling of 51,000 feet. While one may expect fuel efficiency to suffer as a result of such high performance specs, the 60XR Model outperforms expectations in this regard as well.

The Learjet 60XR’s avionics were upgraded from the Learjet 60 to a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite, which replaced the Pro Line 4. This vastly improves safety, performance, and pilot operational ease. The Pro Line 21 is a fully integrated avionics system that features significant advancements and innovations such as overall reduced weight, a 75% larger display area with four 8×10-inch panels, increased reliability, and expanded capabilities. The Flight Management Systems interface, which includes computerized charting capabilities, simplifies and streamlines the operation of the Learjet 60XR. To streamline and automate input functions, the standard pilot and copilot primary flight displays are combined with two central multi-function displays, the Collins Aerospace FMS-5000 Flight Management System, and dual radio tuning units. This offers a more comprehensive view of the flight situation.The Learjet 60XR comes complete with automated maintenance diagnostics and computerized checklist functionalities. These innovations improve flight deck performance by streamlining and simplifying it while subsequently increasing safety by reducing pilots’ work load, therefore they are less likely to get pilot fatigue.

In aviation, experts praise thick logbooks for both pilots and airplanes. While new technology has promise, a good track record instills trust and confidence. And that is exactly what the new Learjet 60XR epitomizes: confidence in the fact that you are receiving the best of Learjet’s more than 40-year history. With upgraded avionics and countless additional automated systems this will be one of smoothest and most comfortable rides. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Learjet 60XR’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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