Legacy 450

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Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
3,907 ft / 1,191 m
Landing Distance
2,090 ft / 637 m
2,904 nm / 3,342 mi / 5,378 km
Max Cruise Speed
466 kt / 541 mph / 870 km/h
Cruising Altitude
45,000 ft / 13,716 m
Cabin Altitude
6,000 ft / 1,829 m
Cabin Height
6 ft / 1.83 m
Cabin Width
6 ft 10 in / 2.05 m
Cabin Length
22 ft 6 in / 6.89 m
Baggage Capacity
150 cu ft / 4.25 cu m

Requested Routes

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, Santa Barbara, CA (SBA / KSBA) to Dulles International Airport, Washington, D.C. (IAD / KIAD)

Dallas Executive Airport, Dallas, TX (RBD / KRBD) to Rutland–Southern Vermont Regional Airport, Rutland, Vermont (RUT / KRUT)

Farnborough Airport, Farnborough, U.K. (FAB / EGLF) to Zurich Airport, Kloten, Switzerland (ZRH / LSZH)


EMBRAER | EMB-545 | LEGACY 450 (2015-2020)
With the success of Embraer’s aircraft, they wanted to design an aircraft slotted between their popular Phenom 300 and the Legacy 600. The Embraer Legacy 450 is the perfect fit in between those two famous aircraft. It was also released alongside its big brother, the Legacy 500. The Legacy 450 is built on the Legacy 500 platform but has a shorter fuselage. The Legacy 450 and 500 were unveiled officially in the summer of 2007. The Legacy 450 had its maiden flight in December 2013. Brazil granted certification in August 2015. Later that month, the FAA approved the aircraft. Around 50 Legacy 450 aircraft have entered service since the first rolled off the assembly line.

It’s unsurprising that Embraer designed a high-end, luxury cabin for its Legacy series. Inside the 450, you’ll immediately note the level floor and six feet of headroom. The Legacy 450 has a seating capacity of nine people. With comfortable, fully reclining leather seats that seamlessly merge into the cabin, passengers will have an unequaled in-flight experience.The Embraer Legacy 450 is a top-of-the-line midsize aircraft. Cabin noise is a significant factor to travel fatigue, as regular travelers are well aware. The Legacy 450 incorporates more than double the typical amount of sound-dampening insulation to create a more tranquil flight experience. These additional layers enable Legacy 450 passengers to have a more relaxed journey and arrive alert and prepared. The whole cabin, which is unique to Embraer, may be operated from the upper technology panel. This panel features a comfortable touchscreen interface that enables you to operate the whole cabin and monitor the flight’s progress. The above touchscreen panel’s straightforward design enables you to access all pertinent information at a glance while also controlling your environment.Throughout each flight in the Legacy 450, fresh air is continuously provided to the aircraft’s complete cabin. While many commercial airplanes rely on fans to recycle cabin air, every aircraft relies on compressed air collected from the sky throughout each flight. This air is constantly conditioned, cooled, and dispersed throughout the space. Simultaneously, air is expelled from the cabin, ensuring that each breath you take is fresh, pure, and un-recycled.

Two Honeywell HTF7500E engines power the Embraer Legacy 450. Each engine generates 6,540 lbs of thrust. The Legacy 450 can take off from a runway as short as 3,907 feet. Minimum landing distance is somewhat more than 2,000 feet. The Legacy 450 cruises with a top speed of 462 knots and a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet. When configured for maximum range, the Legacy 450 is capable of flying up to 2,904 nautical miles (3,342 miles / 5,378 kilometers) without refueling. Embraer built the Legacy 450 with a 35,274-pound Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW). The Legacy 450 can carry a maximum of 150 cubic feet of luggage.

The Legacy 450 features all of the standard equipment found in a sophisticated business jet. With a complete fly-by-wire system and the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite, pilots can handle the aircraft safely and effectively. The controls optimize performance, safety, comfort, and fuel economy. As is customary for aircraft in the premium market, the Embraer Legacy 450 incorporates a Head-Up Display (HUD). The HUD enables pilots to achieve previously unheard-of levels of situational awareness. Built on Embraer’s usual dark, quiet, and uncluttered cockpit design philosophy, pilots benefit from reduced tiredness and effort.

Embraer’s Legacy 450 has climbed rapidly from an adventurous, inventive design to the unchallenged leader in the midsize aircraft segment. Its enormous, stand-up cabin includes an all-flat floor design, substantial baggage storage, and unparalleled cabin connectivity. Its advanced fly-by-wire technology results in a far smoother flying while boosting pilot control. Your in-flight experience onboard the Legacy 450 may be customized to meet the specific requirements of your travel. From peaceful time with the family to a fully connected boardroom in the sky, the Embraer Legacy 450’s plethora of amenities are at your service. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Legacy 450’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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