Legacy 500

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Super Midsize Jets
Embraer Executive Jets
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
4,084 ft / 1,245 m
Landing Distance
2,122 ft / 647 m
3,125 nm / 3,596 mi / 5,788 km
Max Cruise Speed
532 kt / 612 mph / 985 km/h
Cruising Altitude
45,000 ft / 13,716 m
Cabin Altitude
6,000 ft / 1,829 m
Cabin Height
6 ft / 1.83 m
Cabin Width
6 ft 10 in / 2.05 m
Cabin Length
26 ft 10 in / 8.18 m
Baggage Capacity
155 cu ft / 4.39 cu m

Requested Routes

Dallas Executive Airport, Dallas, TX (RBD / KRBD) to L.F. Wade / Bermuda International Airport, St. George’s, Bermuda (BDA / TXKF)

Morristown Municipal Airport, Morristown, NJ (MMU / KMMU) to San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA (SJC / KSJC)

London Stansted Airport, London, U.K. (STN / EGSS) to Cairo International Airport, Cairo, Egypt (CAI / HECA)


EMBRAER S.A.- EMB-550 – LEGACY 500 (2014-2020)
Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer Executive Jets, wanted to produce an aircraft that was not limited by decades old innovation thus began some of the most extensive market research done in private aviation history as Embraer wanted to gather as much customer input as possible to ensure they were providing what was most important to their clients. What they came up with was by far the most innovative and disruptive Super Midsize jet that had ever been produced.In April of 2008, Embraer announced the launch of its new family of aircraft, featuring the first Super Midsize jet with a flat-floor 6 foot stand up cabin with a flight deck equipped with the first fly-by-wire controls. The Legacy 500 was a clean-sheet design (meaning designed and built from the ground up) and intended to be the most technologically advanced Super Midsize business jet produced to date. One of the biggest challenges during testing was the fly-by-wire controls, specifically the software development, which consistently caused major delays to the program as they were attempting something that had never been done before. However, Embraer pushed forward and perfected the software!The Embraer Legacy 500 took its first flight on November 27, 2012 and was certified on August 12, 2014. The lucky client to receive delivery of the first Legacy 500 was a Brazilian company that welcomed the Legacy 500 on October 11th, 2014. In October of 2018, Embraer announced it is working on a variant of the Legacy 500, the Praetor 600 with increased fuel capacity, more powerful engines, and an updated technology package throughout. In June of 2019, Embraer delivered the first Praetor 600, thus replacing the Legacy 500.

One glance at its spacious and elegant cabin and its obvious to see that Embraer applied a heavy emphasis on ergonomics and craftsmanship. It is 6 feet tall, almost 7 feet wide, and almost 27 feet long! Honeywell’s Ovation Select cabin management system, or as Embraer endearingly refers to it as EMCC (Executive’s Multimedia Command Center), allows passengers to stay connected even when flying at 45,000 ft. Watch your favorite movies, adjust the lighting, temperature, and more. From your fully articulating, ergonomically designed chair you will notice the perfectly positioned upper tech panel, a proprietary interface from Embraer, offers flight-status information, ambient illumination, and cabin controls. When your hand waves over the panel, the panel comes to life and with another wave, fades away to black. It is these small, technological fittings that separates itself from its competition. When Embraer and Honeywell solutions collaborate, anything is possible.Near the flight deck is the largest, most equipped in-class galley with annex storage opposite of it. The state-of-the-art wet-galley is outfitted with an espresso maker, ice drawer, 110V power outlet, hot and cold water, four liters of potable water, and compartments for all your finest crystal, china, and silverware to serve even the most decadent of meals. In the aft of the aircraft is a fully enclosed lavatory, with a solid door. It is incredibly spacious and its design featuring the opulent fixtures and trim makes it feel like a luxurious Brazilian resort. It also has the largest baggage capacity of its class as well at 150 cubic feet total, 110 cubic feet is an exterior compartment (easily accessed in-flight), plus another 40 cubic feet in a closet in the aft lavatory.

Two incredibly durable and powerful HTF7500E turbofan engines manufactured by Honeywell power the Legacy 500’s, producing 7,036 pounds of thrust each. The HTF7500E exhibits peak performance with maximum efficiency to ensure the lowest operating and maintenance costs for all of its clients. The HTF7005E engines reduced its NO2 emissions thanks to Honeywell’s innovative SABER (single annular combustor for emissions reduction) technology. To decrease CO2 emissions and operational costs, the HTF7500E integrated industry-leading technology with an efficient engine design that minimized overall fuel consumption making this one of the most efficient jets on the market.Honeywell’s 36-150 APU incorporates cutting-edge technology with an economical engine design to produce one of the most reliable and high-performing APUs on the market. All of today’s short and medium range business jets are equipped with a Legacy 500 APU that is specifically intended to enhance both the value and safety of the aircraft.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics suite is outfitted in the Legacy 500’s cockpit. Four, 15-inch diagonal high-resolution LCD monitors are the centerpiece for the Legacy 500’s flight deck while equipped with human-machine interface capabilities in this avionics suite. High-resolution synthetic vision, an integrated flight information system, electronic charts, upgraded maps, and a document reader are only some of the avionics system features.Other key systems included in this avionics suite are advanced flight management systems, accurate vertical and horizontal localizers, and essential navigational performance capabilities. Also equipped is an automatic dependent surveillance broadcast capabilities and a traffic monitoring system.

Embraer’s Legacy 500 has grown rapidly from an ambitious, inventive design to the unchallenged leader in the midsize aircraft segment. Its expansive, stand-up cabin includes a flat floor design, abundant baggage storage, and immersive cabin connection. And we cannot forget the fly-by-wire technology resulting in a noticeably smoother flight while improving pilot control. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Legacy 500’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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