Phenom 100

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Very Light Jets
Embraer Executive Jets
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
3,400 ft / 1,036 m
Landing Distance
2,722 ft / 830 m
915 nm / 1,053 mi / 1,695 km
Max Cruise Speed
389 kt / 448 mph / 721 km/h
Cruising Altitude
41,000 ft / 12,496 m
Cabin Altitude
8,000 ft / 2,438 m
Cabin Height
4 ft 11 in / 1.50 m
Cabin Width
5 ft 1 in / 1.55 m
Cabin Length
11 ft / 3.35 m
Baggage Capacity
70 cu ft / 1.98 cu m

Requested Routes

Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City, UT (SLC / KSLC) to Van Nuys Airport, Van Nuys, CA (VNY / KVNY)

John Wayne / Orange County Airport, Santa Ana, CA (SNA / KSNA) to Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdale, AZ (SCF / KSDL)

Albuquerque International Airport, Albuquerque, NM (ABQ / KABQ) to Palm Springs International Airport, Palm Springs, CA (PSP / KPSP)

EMBRAER EMB-500 PHENOM 100 (2007-2014)

Embraer first entered the business jet market and left quite an impression with their award winning, best in class, Phenom 100. Embraer designed, tested, and manufactured this aircraft from the ground up, a true clean-sheet design aircraft (it did not use an airframe from another previously manufactured aircraft, it is entirely new). This Entry Level Light Jet or Very Light Jet (VLJ) was so popular that a larger model of it, the Phenom 300, was announced and delivered almost immediately after and was an immediate success. With an enticing combination of high-performance capabilities and low operating costs, the Phenom 100 swiftly solidified its position in retail aircraft charter following its initial deliveries in 2008. It ceased manufacturing of the base model of the 100 in 2014 and upgraded to a more efficient and economical Phenom 100E until 2017 when it was upgraded again to the Phenom 100EV.

BMW DesignworksUSA was commissioned to create and design the cabin of the Phenom 100, bringing with them the elegance and refinement that BMW is known for. They designed the interior to be both comfortable and attractive as reflected in the high-back chairs that provide superior support and comfort. With one of the quietest cabins in its class, averaging 80dB, you will be able to converse with ease or just enjoy the peace and quiet. The Phenom 100 seats four passengers comfortably in its normal configuration with two pilots, but can also carry up to 6 passengers (weight may be a limiting factor) with the addition of a fifth optional seat and a belted lavatory or if flown single pilot. We recommend limiting it to 4 passengers to ensure maximum comfort and aircraft performance. A wardrobe can be substituted (adding an additional 6 cu ft of storage space) in place of a refreshment center near the flight deck. The Phenom 100 has two climate zones, one for the crew and one for the passengers in the cabin. Each climate zone has their own vents as well as their own controls to ensure everyone on board is comfortable for the duration of the flight. The aircraft’s baggage compartment is large enough to accommodate four sets of golf bags or two pairs of skis (snowboards), four carry-on size luggage, four garment bags, and four computer bags! Absolutely incredible for a Very Light business Jet! (VLJ)It has supportive leather seats equipped with a laptop port and a separate passenger-pilot communication unit. The Phenom 100 is also equipped with satellite communications. Additionally take note of the seats, particularly the headrests as they are somewhat offset from the center, meant to give additional support for when a passenger’s head naturally tilts toward the sidewall while dozing off or leaning in to take in the incredible views. With that being said, for an aircraft in this category, they are incredibly comfortable, top of its class. In the aft of the aircraft, the “enclosed” lavatory (curtain standard, solid door to truly enclose is an add-on) is naturally lit by two wide windows and features plenty of storage space for toiletries.

The Phenom 100’s class-leading performance is in large part thanks to its incredibly powerful engines, two Pratt & Whitney PW617F-E engines, each of which generates 1,695 pounds of thrust for take-off. These engines are equipped with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Electrical Control) technology, which makes flight operations incredibly efficient and straightforward. It significantly reduces the pilots work-load on take-off and landing to ensure the highest levels of safety are maintained. The Phenom 100 has a range of 915 nautical miles and can rocket up to 41,000 feet in only 33 minutes!  While it is categorized as an Entry Level Light Jet or Very Light Jet (VLJ), the Phenom 100 is competitive with some larger and more expensive Light Jets in terms of performance and space. It even has more baggage capacity than the two most well known Midsize Jets, Hawker 800 and Learjet 60, by about 20 cubic feet!

The Phenom 100’s Embraer Prodigy all-glass avionics suite, based on Garmin’s G1000, consists of three screens: two Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) and one multi-function display (MFD). All data is displayed on HD color displays. These systems were designed specifically with pilots in mind as flight planning features, situational awareness, and all aircraft monitoring is at their fingertips. The GFC 700, an advanced Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), is the Phenom’s completely digital, two channel, three-axis autopilot system. All of these systems significantly reduced the pilots workload which in turn should reduce the amount of cases of pilot fatigue. This was very important to the engineers at Embraer as this aircraft is also rated for single pilot operation.

The Phenom 100 has an impressive range comparable to some Light Jets with a cabin spacious and opulent enough to comfortably seat four passengers, the Phenom 100 is the preferred aircraft for many fliers on short to mid-range adventures. You can easily climb aboard this aircraft thanks to a solid bannister fixed to the AirStair. Its performance and capabilities will open up many new destinations thanks to its runway performance. Charter a Phenom 100 for quick trips such as from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or from New York to Boston to Philadelphia. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated Phenom 100’s available. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

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