TBM 910

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Daher (formerly SOCATA)
Estimated Hourly Cost
Take-Off Distance
2,380 ft / 726 m
Landing Distance
2,430 ft / 741 m
1,730 nm / 1,999 mi / 3,217 km
Max Cruise Speed
330 kt / 380 mph / 612 km/h
Cruising Altitude
28,000 ft / 8,534 m
Cabin Altitude
9,800 ft / 2,987 m
Cabin Height
4 ft / 1.22 m
Cabin Width
4 ft / 1.21 m
Cabin Length
13 ft 3 in / 4.04 m
Baggage Capacity
30.25 cu ft / 0.86 cu m

Requested Routes

Fulton County Airport, Atlanta, GA (FTY / KFTY) to Lubbock International, Lubbock, TX (LBB / KLBB)

Napa County Airport, Napa, CA (APC / KAPC) to Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, Colorado Springs, CO (COS / KCOS)

Northeast Florida Regional Airport, St. Augustine, FL (UST / KSGJ) to Piedmont Triad International, Greensboro, NC (GSO / KGSO)


Daher manufactures a family of high-performance single-engine turboprop light aircraft, and one of the most innovative and popular is the Daher TBM (originally SOCATA TBM). The TBM was created thanks to a collaboration between the American Mooney Airplane Company and the French light aircraft company SOCATA.The TBM series is based on the Mooney 301, a low-powered and compact prototype produced by Mooney in the early 1980s. After the acquisition, Mooney and SOCATA formed a joint venture to develop and produce a larger turboprop dubbed the TBM 700. The design’s speed, altitude, and dependability were prioritized. It was the first high-performance single-engine passenger/cargo aircraft to enter production after being announced in 1990.Shortly after debut, the TBM 700 was a resounding market success, prompting the development of several innovative and technologically advanced versions, many of which included more powerful engines and upgraded avionics. The TBM 700 would, in 2006 be replaced by the TBM 850 Legacy. The 850 is the manufacturing designation for the TBM 700N, an enhanced variant of the aircraft powered by a single Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66D turbofan engine. In 2014, the TBM 900 would hit the market and on April 4th, 2017, TBM introduced the TBM 910, an improved version of the 900 with an updated flight deck and a few redesigns to increase cabin comforts.

When configured as a passenger aircraft, the TBM’s pressurized cabin is generally furnished with luxurious amenities, frequently containing high-quality leathers and wood veneers. The TBM 900 has implemented more cabin comforts such as a combination air conditioner/environmental control system was incorporated into the cabin, simplifying and requiring less modification than the previous configuration. Please note, this aircraft does not have a lavatory on board.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine powers the TBM 910. Its straightforward design ensures convenient maintenance, efficiency, and minimal operating costs. The PT6A is used on over 100 different types of aircraft. Safety-proven over years of regional airliner and commercial aircraft operations, the PT6A is recognized as one of the most reliable aircraft engines ever produced. With over 43,000 engines in service (spanning over 400 million flight hours), the PT6A is one of the most reliable aircraft engines ever built. The TBM 910’s PT6A-66D model features a thermodynamic rating of 1,825 horsepower and a flat-rated output of 850 shaft horsepower, making it the most powerful PT6A ever produced.At cruise altitudes, the TBM 910’s cabin is significantly quieter than its predecessors; this is attributable to the use of a new five-bladed propeller and a reduction in vibration levels due to increased engine-airframe separation. To achieve this, Hartzell optimized the blades based on airflow simulations of the TBM’s front section. And it made all the difference! The TBM 900’s also have winglets, which SOCATA created to minimize drag when the aircraft is flown at high angles of attack, such as during takeoffs, as well as it makes the aircraft more aesthetically appealing.

The Garmin G1000 NXi combines a high-resolution display with cutting-edge CPU technology. This new hardware enables a speedier start-up and software loading. It helps the system to manage more aviation data and maps, such as visual approach plates, as well as delivering increased situational awareness capabilities. Additionally, it enhances wireless cockpit connectivity, enabling aviation databases to be uploaded via Garmin Flight Stream FS 510. The Pilot enjoys more of a “Analog feel” via the redesigned keyboard joystick, which enables more precise panning and smooth navigation on the multi-function display panels.

The TBM 910 is the fastest single-engine turboprop in the world as well as extremely efficient. The 910 is the newest addition to DAHER’s record-breaking fast turboprop aircraft family and provides an enhanced atmosphere for pilots and passengers, as well as increased efficiency and performance without compromising fuel consumption or performance. The TBM 910 is perfect for a small group taking a quick regional trip. The TBM 910 is fully equipped to provide you an excellent flying experience. CharterJets Inc. features the newest and highest safety rated TBM 910’s available with a dual pilot crew. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel!

TBM 910