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When an aircraft is dispatched on a journey without any customers, it is referred to as an “empty leg flight.” This might occur under a variety of circumstances, such as when a person charters an aircraft solely for one leg of a trip and the second leg becomes available for purchase. Flexibility with your departure and destination airports will help you locate more matches or possibly lower your expenses by utilizing the suggested direct path.

At Charter Jets, Inc., we advise beginning your search around three weeks before the date of your intended trip. It is uncommon for your Aviation Advisor to locate empty leg charters within the first day or two of your inquiry. As for the price, the cost of empty leg trips varies based on several variables. The flight’s range, the kind of airplane, and other factors are among them. Roughly speaking, the empty leg flight costs are between 50% and 75% less than those of a standard charter.

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How to book an empty-leg private jet?

Some companies offer to let you reserve empty legs by the seat, while most of them are for the whole aircraft. For single people or couples, this significantly lowers the expense of private jet travel. Empty leg deals generally include fuel, landing costs, and other extras in the total price. Since you usually reserve the entire plane, you are free to occupy every seat and are welcome to bring your animal.

Empty leg discounts make it feasible to go privately for less money. You need to be flexible to take advantage of them, and you should make a backup plan in case your flight is delayed.

Our specialists may assist you in drafting the appropriate paperwork for empty-leg charter flights as well as the requirements for admission into the target nation. But more generally, the type of paperwork needed for the trip directly relates to the final destination. A passport and, frequently, a visa are requirements for international travel.

Dealers, such as travel booking firms, advertise the empty-leg private jets of other operators, thus acting as a middleman. Similar to booking passenger airlines, doing so directly is typically the best option. Many companies even let you select your preferred airport of departure and set up alerts for when new discounts become accessible. Businesses offer online access to empty-leg bargains.

The client accepts the full role of protecting appropriate travel insurance, possessing or maintaining all essential personal or identity cards such as passports, visas, health or other certificates, and for all belongings. The client guarantees and certifies that all information is correct, truthful, up-to-date, and not deceptive while booking empty-leg charters. The client must also get all required permits, acquiesces, and permissions from any applicable authorities or other parties.


 What documents are required for an empty leg flight?

The client, who must be at least 18 years old, is the only party to whom the Services are given. 24 hours before the flight, the client must provide the company with the additional components for each passenger. The following information is required:

full name
passport number
place of birth
country of issuance
expiration date
health issues
suitability for travel

What about the cancellation process?

If you cancel the reservation, fees can be incurred. Your charter contract will include cancellation costs and the operator’s standard terms and conditions. We will constantly make an effort to reduce these fees as a moral business.

On a private plane, how do you locate vacant legs?

You may notice that several operators promote empty leg flights on their website, depending on where you are. Some agencies also provide them, however, it is advisable to make your travel arrangements directly.

When is an empty leg right for me?

Charter Jets, Inc. Clients utilize empty legs when booking last minute one-way flights, one-way flights with an unknown or extended return date, and when booking travel with no little scheduling constraints.
Most Empty Legs will not be an exact match for the route you are requesting. It can be beneficial if you are flexible on departure or arrival airports as you can potentially find more matches or even keep costs low by taking advantage of the direct routing presented.

Are empty legs similar to a conventional private jet charter?

Yes, they are almost identical. However, where they differ from conventional private jet charter is they are bound by more restrictive schedules, meaning your desired departure time may not be available and alternate would be presented. Empty Leg’s also differ as they must depart on the presented date and time to ensure they keep to their schedule. If passengers are running late, there is a very limited amount of time they have allotted to wait and they will leave without whoever is not there.