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When you travel a lot for work and often take many flights, you are a business representative and you are faced with the need to get the best deal in terms of cost, comfort, and usability of flights. Therefore, you have two choices: private jet charter vs first class. The main difference between flying in a private jet and first class is that the first option is focused exclusively on you, while charters are more profitable for airlines. They stick to the schedule, strive to fill the plane to the maximum, and introduce certain restrictions.

Ordering a private jet allows you to fly in the direction you need, at the time you choose, and in an environment that will be comfortable for you. In addition, such flights also have other advantages that each of our readers can find for themselves below in our short article. Also, for your convenience, we will compare both options and their differences in options.

first class

Private Jet and First Class: Overview

Modern airliners have three classes of service, and the first one is the best of them. This is an expensive and fashionable type of transfer designed for wealthy clients who prefer traveling in comfortable, secluded, luxurious conditions. It is mainly provided by a limited type of airline and is located in the nose of the aircraft. It is characterized by twin convertible seats or individual cabins for each passenger and an unlimited choice of services.

First class benefits:

  • Comfortable passenger seats – up to 90 cm wide.
  • Own cabin with seat, table, bed.
  • Available internet.
  • Separate registration of passengers.
  • The ability to be the first to leave the aircraft.
  • Extended baggage allowance, carry-on baggage.
  • A wide range of available onboard entertainment during the flight.

Renting a private jet is a special order for the transportation of a certain number of passengers on a route and schedule set by the customer. Private jets also fly intercontinental routes. Often, private flights are necessary for entrepreneurs who frequently have to visit not only different cities in their country for work but also regularly fly abroad.

Advantages of private jets:

  • On private airlines, all pilots, without exception, undergo training every year.
  • The cabins of private jets are equipped with incredible design, comfortable seats, and spacious cabins.
  • Indescribable sensations during the flight and a unique opportunity to feel like one of the crew members.
  • Excellent technical condition of the private aircraft.

The differences between first class and private jet 

First class Private plane
Service Level Flying first class provides increased comfort for passengers before, during, and after the flight. This may include delivery to the airport or hotel (at the end of the flight) and an exquisite and diverse menu consisting of restaurant dishes and drinks. Also, special airline employees are engaged in the registration of first class passengers. By choosing a private jet, you can get the same privileges and even more. Only you decide what exactly you need: types of dishes, additional staff, any place on board the aircraft, and so on.
Privacy Here you can expect places for one, completely closed to the view of the rest of the flight participants. First class will offer a comfortable minibar and closed walls. You decide who will be onboard the aircraft. It makes it possible to carry out work calmly, even during the flight. Also, do not forget about boarding the plane without extra pairs of eyes and with no risk of getting Covid-19.
Traveling with animals According to some reports, there are companies that allow you to transport animals with you in the cabin, although they are a minority. This service will be subject to additional taxes. A rented plane allows your four-legged friend to join you during the flight. But as in first class, you will also need a passport for the animal and vaccination certificates.

We’ve broken down some interesting differences between first class and private jet charter. However, the most significant ones are waiting for you below.


If we compare prices for one person, it is obvious that a first-class ticket is more advantageous compared to the cost of renting a private jet. According to 2020 data, the cost of first class was between $500 and $1,000, which is 10-15 times the cost of economy class. But if a small group of people is flying, then the comparison immediately changes because the rental of private jets involves paying for the aircraft, and the number of passengers depends only on its size.

For example, when the average person first hears about an $18,000 flight from Chicago to Palm Beach, like the Gulfstream GIV, they might think it’s a terrifying price for travel. But let’s take a closer look:

  • This plane can carry 14 people. $18,000/14 people equal $1285/person. What is the cost of a commercial airline ticket for the same flight one way? Business-class (not even first class) will cost around $1,114 and over.
  • Let’s also remember that when you fly on a private jet, you save a lot of time. This non-renewable resource for many people costs several hundred dollars an hour.

Therefore, chartering a private jet will not be an expensive pleasure for a group of people or large private entrepreneurs.

time saving

Time saving

Even first class will not save you from a long flight check-in, but a private air charter saves you a lot of time:

  • A private jet can land even at the smallest local airport, which allows you to reduce travel time. You also choose the flight time that is most comfortable for you, with only a possible delay and with the minimum time spent on arrival (15 minutes before departure).
  • If the flight is international, all documents will be expedited and approved, including the passage of terminals where there will be no queues.
  • When a business trip involves several stops in different cities, a private jet allows you to plan “intensive tours” without wasting time and energy.
  • When the travel itinerary needs to be flexible and can take a long time, which is not always met, a private jet allows you to reprogram departures and use the time until the last minute, which is very effective.


First class has a maximum baggage weight limit of 25 kg. At the same time, in private aviation, there is no set limit on baggage weight. However, the aircraft that you can book has a cargo hold, and its volume is measured in cubic meters (m³). For example, turbocharged jets are regularly used as cargo or medical transport. There are also models with a cargo hatch that can be used to accommodate oversized luggage, such as bicycles.

Among the types of jets, there are models with non-standard characteristics. They can be used, among other things, to transport musical instruments or sports equipment, and they are often used in round-the-world travel. With a luggage compartment of 18 m³, this is one of the private jets that can carry up to 12 passengers in comfort with minimal baggage restrictions. Private aviation also makes it possible for people with disabilities to travel in comfort, allowing their equipment to be taken care of reliably.


Is it cheaper to fly first class or private jet charter?

When traveling alone, private jets are more expensive. However, for a group of people, the cost of booking a private aircraft may be the same as the cost of a flight first class.

Do private jets go through customs?

Yes, private jets go through customs. But this procedure is much faster than with commercial flights.

Why do business jets fly higher?

Business jets usually fly at an altitude of 15,000 meters. This is essential for maximum fuel economy. Usually, business jets, due to their size, cannot boast of a huge supply of fuel.

Can you use cell phones on private jets?

Unfortunately, FAA rules prohibit cell phones on private jets. The radio waves on which these devices operate interfere with instruments that are important for flight.