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The amount of luggage that can be taken on a flight depends on the aircraft’s weight, but this is not a constant value, consisting of a bunch of interrelated variables. The maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft is set during production, but what it will consist of varies from flight to flight:

  1. First, you must remember that the aircraft types are different: from small Eclipse 550 to Ultra Long Range Jets Gulfstream G700.
  2. Secondly, the flight distance also matters because the fuel required depends on it. Therefore, large aircraft fly over long distances. They have more wing lifts and can carry more people and luggage.
  3. Thirdly, when loading the luggage compartment, the tonnage and volume matter. Simply put, the load can be large but light (like a batch of duvets), or it can be small but heavy. If the load is heavy, there is a limit on the load on the floor. And dangerous goods require more space around them.

As with all aspects of private transportation planning, all these questions should be clarified in advance. Here we will share information with you to get an overall picture of this topic.

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What luggage can you take on a private jet?

The good news is that private aviation rules do not limit the amount and amount of luggage carried. The only restriction is that luggage must fit on board, and this can be a problem on smaller boats like the Citation. And so you can take almost everything on board a private liner:

  • Even liquids are not subject to any claims – everything you want, from champagne to perfume.
  • Actually, firearms can be carried on board. But when you get on board, you must hand it over to the flight attendant, who will put the weapon in the safe until the end of the flight.
  • You can also fly with pets, but only within a  country’s borders. Otherwise, the policy of the destination country will apply to the four-legged friend.

If the private jet is full, as a rule, each passenger can take luggage with them based on a standard-sized piece of luggage and hand luggage. If there are fewer travelers than there are seats on the plane, then everyone is given more space to accommodate luggage. Most private jets can carry oversized bulky baggage such as golf equipment or skis.

Some private jets are equipped with a baggage compartment, which, like a scheduled aircraft, passengers cannot access during the flight. Such a luggage compartment is not heated during the flight, and special pressure is not created, so items sensitive to low temperatures or pressure cannot be transported in it. These items are usually placed in the passenger cabin.

Other private jets may be equipped with a luggage compartment that is accessible throughout the flight. This, of course, is highly convenient because passengers can get to their luggage at any time.

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Luggage allowance for long-range aircraft

These aircraft are planes that are ideal for transatlantic travel. In addition, they have extensive storage areas.  Among them, one of the most notable is the Falcon 2000. This private aircraft can adjust from 8 to 12 passengers and has a spacious luggage compartment with a volume of 3.7 m³. Thus, this is the ideal aircraft if you have to travel long distances with a lot of luggage.

Among this line of jets, there are also private jets with peculiar characteristics. Other long-range aircraft, such as the Gulfstream G650, are also practical. They do not have oversized holds, but their design allows for plenty of storage space in the cabin.

Luggage allowance for midsize jet

Medium-sized private jets are ideal for family travelers. Aircraft of this type with a large luggage compartment can accommodate up to 8 passengers. The Citation XLS is one such aircrafts. Its luggage compartment accommodates two pieces of luggage per passenger. This aircraft can accommodate up to 10 people.

The ideal representative of this family is the Hawker 4000, which even has 10 seats on board. In addition to the large passenger capacity, the luggage compartment of this liner is larger than that of the Citation XLS. Another undoubted advantage of this model is the design feature, due to which the luggage compartment is also under pressure, which allows you access to your luggage even during the flight. This can be a determining factor when choosing a private jet.

Luggage allowance for small private jets

In this category, the smallest aircraft are 4-seat aircraft. Among them, you can find perfectly equipped jets with spacious cargo holds. They are ideal for small groups of golfers or skiers.

The most popular aircraft of this type is the Citation CJ. It has a luggage compartment with a volume of 1.6 m³ and can carry 4 to 5 people. In the same range, it is worth taking a closer look at the Phenom 100, which also has 4 seats and a slightly smaller luggage compartment – 1.5 m³. This private jet boasts one of the best passenger-to-baggage ratios in its category.

On the other hand, light luggage is preferred in these smaller aircraft. Indeed, the holds are adapted to the specific fuselages of these liners.

Luggage allowance for turboprop aircraft

Turboprop airliners are propeller-driven aircraft. Although these are the noisiest machines, they have many benefits. Often they boast a modular space. This advantage makes them often used for transporting goods or air ambulance flights.

The most popular is the King Air 200, a regional jet that seats 6 to 9 passengers. The advantage of this aircraft is that it has a modular design. This offers you the right balance between the number of passengers and the amount of luggage in private jet storage.

The Pilatus PC-12 is also a very practical private jet in terms of traveling with luggage. It is regularly used as a cargo or medical transport. No wonder it has a cargo hatch! This hatch can be used to accommodate oversized luggage such as bikes.


Do they check luggage on private jets?

Every passenger on a private jet undergoes a baggage check. But this procedure is very simplified, saving a lot of time.

Where do you put your luggage on a private jet?

As a rule, the luggage trunk is located in the front or rear of the aircraft. There are also special compartments, such as behind the toilet, which allow you to access luggage during the flight.

Can you bring food on a private jet?

Yes, you can bring any food on a private jet. You can either order food in advance or invite a chef who will prepare your favorite dishes for you.

What should be the weight of hand luggage in a private jet?

On a private jet, you won’t find any carry-on baggage restrictions. The main limitation is the size of the transported object.