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The HondaJet Elite S is worth buying for people who want to get the most out of new solutions in business aviation. The plane is filled with innovations that radically change the flying experience. This jet manufactured by the Japanese company Honda Aircraft is a daily business class aircraft.  When deliveries of the original HondaJet began in late 2015, it quickly drew attention with its wing-mounted engines and large cabin design solutions for a light aircraft. But in one respect, this aircraft was like any other new model – when it debuted, it had flaws and errors in operation.

But the manufacturer continued to surprise its users with new models. In 2021, Honda Aircraft unveiled the performance-enhancing features of the HondaJet Elite S at a virtual launch ceremony:

  • Increased takeoff weight – plus one passenger on board
  • Updated cockpit
  • New color options for the fuselage

But that’s not all. HondaJet’s philosophy of continuous improvement expands operational capabilities with increased payload range and advanced technologies.

And in this article, we will reveal all the aspects that elevate the HondaJet Elite S to the top of the best-selling jets in the world. Remember that Charter Jets, Inc. will always help you choose the best private jets!

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Features of HondaJet Elite S

Like any aircraft model, the HondaJet Elite S has distinctive features:

  • The light-engine aircraft with a composite fuselage has become the quietest and fastest aircraft in its class.
  • The model’s flight range was 2,660 kilometers, and innovative autopilot, takeoff, and landing control systems made the HondaJet Elite one of the safest business jets in the world.
  • The HondaJet Elite S remains far more fuel-efficient and emits fewer greenhouse gases than all other twin-engine business jets of a similar size.
HondaJet Elite S characteristics
Crew 1-2 people
Passengers 5–6 people
Range 2,661 km (one pilot, three passengers, NBAA IFR reserves)
Maximum takeoff weight 4,853 kg
Maximum speed 781.5 km/h
Takeoff distance 1064 m

The aircraft utilizes many of Honda Aircraft’s technological innovations, including the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration and the Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) nose and wing. The HondaJet Elite S is also equipped with GE Honda Aero HF120 engines. This has resulted in an aircraft with superior performance, unsurpassed efficiency, and a large internal fuselage volume, making it the most spacious cabin in the class, which we will discuss in more detail below.

In addition, the HondaJet Elite S was awarded the 2021 Top Flight Award in the New Business Jet category by Aviation International News (AIN). The 2021 Top Flight Awards honor the introduction of outstanding innovative products, technologies, or services in business aviation and related fields. We’ll talk about these features in the next section on Honda Elite aircraft cockpits.

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HondaJet Elite S design and cockpit

Three new paint schemes are available for the Elite S: gunmetal, luxe gold, and deep-sea blue. In addition, the color range also includes the colors from previous models in red, silver, or blue. Inside the HondaJet Elite S, the simple yet elegant cabin environment makes passengers feel comfortable while flying:

  • Leather chairs are made in white or soft beige.
  • A small coffee bar gives you a chance to enjoy fresh aromatic coffee.
  • A modern Bongiovi Audio speaker system creates the effect of one hundred percent immersion in sound.

But that’s not all. The HondaJet airplane has a full kitchen and a separate toilet with an additional seat belt. Passengers will also be pleasantly surprised by the ample luggage compartment, which is even more spacious than light-class business jets. The whole concept was developed by the designers of the Honda R&D America corporate center. The manufacturer has also improved the aircraft’s cockpit with unique features, among which the most interesting are the following:

  • With the specially designed Garmin® G3000 avionics suite and ergonomic cockpit, the aircraft sets the standard in safety and human-machine interaction technology.
  • The new aircraft model has new avionics features that replace traditional text messaging voice commands for improved communication clarity and efficiency.
  • Also new for the Elite S is the Advanced Assisted Steering System (ASAS), which reduces pilot workload and improves safety in certain weather conditions.

All these HondaJet airplane features allow pilots to:

  1. Use text mode messaging through G3000 touch screen controllers to request departure clearance and en-route service.
  2. Receive terminal and weather information, including departure permits from supported airports.
  3. Contact operations centers to download flight plans.
  4. Exchange text messages instead of traditional voice commands.
  5. Receive automatic location detection as well as exit/shutdown/launch/arrival status.

HondaJet Elite S price

The HondaJet Elite S price now starts at $5.4 million but was lower at $5.2 million in the early sales stages. It will be possible to order a new jet through European aviation centers or directly from the manufacturer’s supplier. The company offers customers proven, modern, reliable models, and the HondaJet Elite is just such an aircraft. Thanks to its economy and improved performance, it instantly caused a stir in the market.

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How far can a HondaJet fly?

Using the HondaJet Elite S aircraft, you can easily cover a distance of 1437 nautical miles. This is possible thanks to an innovation in aerodynamics and an improved fuel capacity.

How much fuel does a HondaJet hold?

HondaJet Elite S can hold 440 gallons of fuel. However, when moving heavy baggage, the amount of fuel carried by aircraft may be reduced.

How much does it cost to operate a HondaJet per hour?

To rent a HondaJet per hour, the user will need about $1,134.90 per hour. However, this depends on some additional services the client can use to rent this jet.

What is the most significant change to the new HondaJet Elite S?

This change relates to the increased flight range. The original HondaJet model can fly 2,200 km non-stop, while the Elite adds almost 400 km to that figure, thus increasing the range by about 17 percent.