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We have conducted a comparative analysis of pairs of popular business jets to help our readers decide on an aircraft that suits their needs. Comparing Global 5000 and Falcon 7X, you will notice differences in:

  • Specifications
  • Innovative solutions from both manufacturers
  • Prices for aircraft data models

The Bombardier Global 5000 is a shortened version of the Global Express XRS aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. Its main difference from the base model is a shorter flight range due to a decrease in the volume of fuel tanks. However, the flight characteristics of the Global 5000 make it possible to fly from Europe to New York.

The Falcon 7 X model not only surprises with advanced technologies but also has impressive technical characteristics. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 1,100 km/h with a range of 11,020 km (eight passengers).

Charter Jets, Inc. offers you to review key performance parameters (including payload, range, speed, and cabin size). In a direct comparison, you will find out which of the business jets has the highest speed. In conclusion, you will know the prices for these models and the costs of maintaining them or renting them to private aviation companies.

bombardier global 5000

Features of the Bombardier Global 5000 jet

There are the main features of the Bombardier Global 5000:

  • Thanks to Rolls-Royce jet engines, the aircraft reaches speeds of up to 945 km/h and gains an altitude of 13,000 meters in 25 minutes.
  • The required length of the runway for the Global 5000 at sea level under standard conditions does not exceed 1600 m. This allows the aircraft to land at small airports as close as possible to business centers.
  • The equipment of the Global 5000 jet and the organization of the internal space is subordinated to the idea of ​​comfort, productive work, and good rest for passengers during ultra-long-range flights.
  • The latest noise suppression and vibration reduction systems guarantee quietness throughout the flight.
  • The Global 5000 is equipped with a state-of-the-art Cabin Electronic System based on an Ethernet computer network – Airshow 21. This system includes a server with entertainment options and has a high connection speed.

It is noteworthy that the first aircraft was put into operation in 1996 and immediately set a new record for business aviation aircraft. With four crew members and eight passengers on board, it flew from Chicago to Paris in 7 hours and 15 minutes, covering more than 6500 km.

dassault falcon 7x interior

Features of Falcon 7X

Here are the main features of the Dassault Falcon 7X:

  • The ultra-long-range jet is equipped with a new wing design, which significantly improves aerodynamic characteristics, reduces the time to climb and descend, and also allows you to fly short distances at high speed at low altitudes.
  • Falcon 7X easily performs various tasks while consuming up to 30% less fuel than other aircraft of this type, which dramatically reduces operating costs and makes the maintenance of this business jet much more economical.
  • The tri-engine configuration reduces transoceanic flight times, improves safety, and enables non-stop travel between long distances such as Paris and Tokyo.

Innovation is the word that best describes the Dassault Falcon 7X business jet. This is the first aircraft that:

  • Is fully digitally designed.
  • Has a digital flight control system, which provides more precise control and reduces the burden on pilots, thereby increasing flight safety.
  • Features the new Dassault transonic flow wing.
  • Is equipped with built-in self-diagnosis and maintenance tools.
  • Combines ultra-long flight range and economy.

Also, it is interesting that the Falcon 7X lands on an approximately 600m long runway, including airports located in hot climates, at high altitudes with steep approach requirements and tight noise restrictions. Three engines allow you to confidently take off from high-altitude airports with maximum refueling, making it possible to perform long flights even in such conditions.

Differences between Bombardier Global 5000 and Falcon 7X

First, let’s compare the technical differences using a table:

Main characteristics Global 5000 Falcon 7X
Cruise speed (km/h) 945 1 100
Range 9 630 11 020
Maximum flight altitude (m) 15 545 15 545
Aircraft length (m) 29.50 23.38
Aircraft height (m) 7.80 7.96
Wingspan (m) 28.70 26.21
Max takeoff weight (kg) 41 957 31 751
Maximum number of passengers 16 14
Cabin dimensions
Cabin width (m) 2.41 2.34
Cabin height (m) 1.88 1.88
Interior volume (cubic meters) 57.26 43.95

Let’s look at them in more detail:

  1. Potential payload. This is a key factor in choosing an aircraft that meets the user’s needs and is different for everyone. The payload of the Bombardier Global 5000 with the maximum fuel capacity (2930 pounds) is larger than that of the Dassault Falcon 7X, which has an available payload with the maximum fuel capacity (1660 pounds).
  2. Cabin cross-section comparison. As can be seen from the table, these aircraft have the same cabin height but different widths. Overall, the Bombardier Global 5000 provides a larger cabin volume of 53.5 cubic meters compared to Falcon 7X (42.65 cubic meters). In addition, this jet generously offers the most voluminous 5.5 cubic meters of the internal luggage compartment.
  3. Flight range. The Falcon 7X has a longer range than the Global 5000.
  4. Power plants. The Global 5000 is powered by two Rolls-Royce BR710-A2-20 engines, each developing 14,750 pounds of thrust, consuming a total of 455 g/h (1722.36 l/h). The Falcon 7X uses three PW307A engines, each developing 6402 pounds of thrust and burning 323 g/h (1222.69 l/h).


When it comes to differences, it is also worth considering the cost of these aircraft:

  • Global 5000. The estimated price of the Bombardier Global 5000 is $50,441,000. The Global 5000’s operating expenses are $789,319. But the cost of renting the Global 5000 starts at $7,400.
  • Falcon 7X. The estimated price of Falcon 7X is $50 million. As for the operating expenses of Falcon 7X, they are about $600 thousand. At the same time, the cost of rent is much lower and usually starts from $7,700 per hour.

We recommend chartering one of these aircraft through our company Charter Jets, Inc. because our experts will help you at any stage of the flight, giving you all the details. The company works with experienced, qualified pilots and service personnel who will make your flight unforgettable.


Let’s look at the interior design of both aircraft in more detail:

  • Bombardier Global 5000. Due to the wide and high fuselage, this aircraft has noticeably more space – the aircraft has three sections for accommodating passengers, a spacious kitchen, and two bathrooms. The ceiling height of 1.88 m allows even a tall person to stand at full height. Each pair of chairs located opposite is transformed into a full-fledged berth. For rest during long-haul flights, the aircraft provides up to six berths.
  • Falcon 7X. Dassault Falcon 7x interior is made up of a spacious and high cabin, designed for long 13-hour flights, allowing you to stand at full height. Falcon 7X makes it possible to organize work and leisure perfectly. The comfortable length and width of the cabin provide enough space for you to walk, relax on the couch, or work, turning the back of the cabin into a personal office.

Other amenities

It is also worth highlighting the features of each design, which allows you to fly in a comfortable environment. For the Bombardier Global 5000, these are:

  • State-of-the-art noise and vibration reduction systems that guarantee quietness throughout the flight.
  • A modern Cabin Electronic System based on an Ethernet computer network – Airshow 21. This system includes a server with entertainment options and has a high connection speed.
  • The tail cabin, where you can isolate yourself from the rest and create a cozy environment thanks to separate settings for climate control, sound, video, and light.

By ordering a Falcon 7x, passengers will find everything on board – an HD entertainment multimedia system, satellite phone, wi-fi, and touch control panels. Also, for Falcon 7x, users get:

  • Climatic equipment of the latest generation, maintaining constant pressure, temperature, and humidity.
  • Cooking equipment, satellite phone, 220V socket, video entertainment system, coffee maker, and even an additional option – a shower cabin.
  • The latest Falcon Cabin HD+ integrated entertainment and cabin management system uses an innovative fiber-optic network to deliver high-quality audio and video content throughout the cabin. You can control the system using a personal Apple device.

Remember that you can always book a plane convenient for you with the help of our Charter Jets, Inc. company.


How many hours can a Global 5000 fly?

The average flight time for a Global 5000 aircraft is about 14 hours. However, this parameter may change due to weather conditions and the luggage carried.

Where are Bombardier planes made?

Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier is a Canadian manufacturer of business jets headquartered in Montreal. Today, aircraft are manufactured in the USA, Mexico, and at the main Canadian plant in Quebec.

Why does the Falcon 7X have three engines?

Three powerful engines complete the overall design of the aircraft. Thus, in combination with a large wingspan and wing geometry, the engines allow the Falcon 7X to fly to short runway airports and mountainous airports.

How many seats does a Falcon 7X have?

The Falcon 7X lessor will be able to find 14 seats on the plane. Thus, the maximum number of passengers for this aircraft is 14 people.