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Super Light Jets are ideal for roughly a 4-hour flight and are configured for between 6 to 9 passengers. We advise limiting passenger count to around 5 to 6 passengers if all adults for maximum comfort. Aircraft capabilities and configurations vary widely in this category, due to this, below are 5 things to consider before chartering a Super Light Jet:

-LAVATORY: beware of the Falcon 10, the only remaining aircraft in this category to have only an “emergency lavatory”, meaning the lavatory is a seat that converts into a toilet, positioned in between the flight deck and cabin with only a privacy curtain around it.

-BAGGAGE: capacity varies widely in this category and may impact the amount of luggage/weight you are allotted to bring

-CABIN NOISE: quieter than its older predecessors in the light jet class.

-TECHNOLOGY: newer models equipped with cabin entertainment systems such as screens, speakers, USB ports, power outlets and cabin controls at your seats, etc. Some are also equipped with Wifi!

-GROUP SIZE: If you have 8 adult passengers looking to spread out a Super Midsize Jet would be more spacious and accommodating for that group size. Plus, if nearing passenger capacity, range would be significantly decreased.

Super Light Jets are an incredibly popular option for our clients as they are extremely versatile and are able to utilize airports that the smaller Light Jets and larger Midsize Jets could not utilize. Reach out anytime to discuss your private jet charter needs. We are always available to assist.