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America, where, as is commonly believed, the first airplane appeared, is today the top  aviation country in the world. It has international and local airports. Although the local business people like to travel by car, they still prefer to cover long distances by private flights. In this regard, the highest level of service is offered to travelers at airfields for private jets. This contributes to the high mobility of the population. Passenger traffic is growing both within the country and abroad.

But which airports are we talking about?

Our article will tell you about the top 10 airports for private aviation. The logistics of these airfields allow you to think over the route to the city as conveniently as possible. In addition, almost everywhere there are locations  for car rental. Therefore, air travel can always be combined with a trip by car. Not to mention the nearby hotels and the best restaurant complexes to ensure a  comfortable trip.

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Top 10 private jet airports in the USA

Here are the best airports for private jets, without further ado:

  1. Teterboro, New York City
  2. Dallas Love Field, Texas
  3. Van Nuys, Los Angeles
  4. Westchester White Plains, New York City
  5. Dulles International, Washington/Dulles
  6. McCarran Intl, Las Vegas
  7. Palm Beach Intl Palm Beach, Florida
  8. William P Hobby, Houston
  9. Chicago Midway, Chicago
  10. Centennial, Englewood

But why are these the best private airports?

The main advantages of these airfields are:

  • Easy access and often close to the city center. This makes it easy to reach any city and place minutes after landing. Moreover, the size of these airfields is much smaller, which allows them to be closer to cities than to large air harbors. You can depart from the private airport within 15 minutes of arrival. Their much smaller size allows you to board the aircraft as quickly as possible after arriving at the airport.
  • Comfortable waiting areas in FBO private aviation terminals. FBOs are private terminals dedicated to business aviation. These terminals are mainly present at specialized airports. When you arrive at an airport that regularly handles private jets, you go directly to FBO. As soon as you arrive, the staff takes care of you and your luggage. It is in these terminals that pre-flight customs control takes place. Here, passengers are provided with unobtrusive and high-class service. This allows you to check in quickly, avoiding unnecessary waste of time . If you arrive early, private terminals have VIP lounges offering an expansive spectrum of services. Conference rooms are also available for operational meetings, allowing  you not to waste time even while waiting for a flight.
  • Takeoff and landing slots are shared between business jets only. In terms of takeoff and landing processes, compact airfields are ideal for receiving private aircraft. Thus, these flight stages can be completed in the best conditions and in the shortest possible time.

Top 10 other airports in the USA

By right, the Denver, Colorado Airport is considered the best jet airport. It is the largest airport in the US and the second-largest in the world. Its dimensions are exceeded only by King Khalid, an Arabian airport serving travelers who come to Riyadh. Denver boasts an automated baggage handling system and is designed to eliminate queuing before takeoff. Despite the colossal size, the airport complex has excellent logistics, and it is connected to two highways.

The rest of the top best US airports included:

  1. Orlando International Airport, Florida. One of the main commercial air terminals of the States does not lose ground. It acts as an emergency landing site for Shuttles, but passengers appreciate it not for this but its convenient location, excellent logistics, and service.
  2. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona. The largest airport in the state serves both civil and military aviation. Apparently, that is why it is so well organized.
  3. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia. Located in close proximity to the business center of the city, one of the most active ports in the world.
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas. The most popular airport in the state.
  5. John F Kennedy International Airport, New York. It receives the most international flights.
  6. LaGuardia, New York. One of the best options in terms of passenger convenience, also offers  licensed buses, taxis, and even limousines.
  7. Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey. One of the busiest in the country but also one of the most convenient.
  8. Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia. According to passengers and experts, it offers the best meals .
  9. Seattle/Tacoma International Airport, Washington. It is located within the city of Seatac. Among other things, it is famous for its excellent restaurants.
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How many airports are there in the US?

If you look at the airports in America on a Google map, you can see that they literally cover the entire territory of the country. The website of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) can answer the question of how many airports are in the United States. To date, the country has over 19,622 airports, including over 5,000 public airports.

Most American airports for airplanes are equipped with the latest science and technology. Innovations are introduced on a national scale, and huge sums are allocated for development from local and federal budgets. Last but not least, this is why for most Americans, there is no question of choosing a mode of transport for traveling – it is definitely a private jet.


Can you land at private airports?

One of the main advantages of using private aviation is that you can land at private airports. But this does not negate the fact that commercial airfields are also at your disposal.

How many US airports are private?

Today there are about 14,400 US private airports, heliports, and seaplane bases. There are also 5,000 public-use airports which are no less convenient.

What is the largest private airport in the US?

Teterboro is by right the largest private airport in the US. It occupies almost the entire city, which is also called Teterboro, and consists of 827 acres.

Can private jets land at JFK?

Yes, John F Kennedy International Airport can handle private aviation. for  this, it  has for  runways (4L/22R, 4R/22L, 13L/31R, and 13R/31L).