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Heavy jets are amongst the largest and most luxurious business jets available on the market today, boasting ultra spacious, stand up cabins averaging at least 6 feet in height and 7 feet wide. Large executive chairs and couches line the cabin accommodating between 10-16 passengers. Heavy Jets are a fantastic option to consider for flights over 6 hours for groups of 10 or more. To assist in your search, below we have included 5 things to consider before chartering a Heavy Jet:

-RANGE: varies widely from 3,700 nm up and over 5,200 nm with newer models.

-CABIN CONFIGURATION: Between 8 to 16 passengers can be accommodated. If utilizing every seat this would significantly reduce performance and range.

-OVERNIGHT CONFIGURATION: Between 4 to 6 sleeping setups may be arranged thanks to fully berthing seats and couches converting into double beds.

-CABIN ATTENDANT: Each Heavy Jet is staffed with a Cabin Attendant to assist with any in-flight needs.

-AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE: Due to larger fuel tanks they are able to depart partially fueled, while still having enough fuel in the tanks to complete the flight non stop that smaller aircraft would not be capable of. For example, when departing a high elevation airport or with hot temperatures.

When someone thinks of private jets, usually it is a Heavy Jet that appears in their mind. They have large cabins that can accommodate large groups in comfort and luxury. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel. We are always available to assist, 24/7.