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Midsize Jets are one of the most popular aircraft categories on the market as they boast comfortable cabins that can accommodate between 6 and 9 passengers depending on its configuration. Midsize Jets are typically equipped with a spacious galley and a private, fully enclosed aft lavatory with a solid door. They have a great range of 3-4 hours with some even being capable of coast to coast flights non stop. Below are five things to consider before chartering a midsize jet:

-CABIN SIZE: Midsize Jets are great for 6 adults and a couple children. If the group is entirely adults, we would recommend looking into a Super Midsize jet to accommodate your group more comfortably.

-BAGGAGE CAPACITY: Some Midsize Jets are notorious for having small baggage capacity such as the Hawker 800 and the Learjet 60 with around 50 cubic feet for the crew and passengers bags. This may be an issue you encounter if you are planning on traveling with 7-8 passengers. We would recommend looking into a Super Midsize or possibly a Heavy Jet if you have 8-9 adult passengers.

-RUNWAY PERFORMANCE: Some Midsize jets are limited to which airports they can use as they require a longer runway, especially in wet conditions, hot temperatures, and at high elevations such as in Aspen.

-LAVATORY: All Midsize Jets have a fully enclosed washroom at the aft of the aircraft.

-RANGE: Midsize Jets range can vary significantly from 1,800 miles on the lower end to 3,400 miles on the higher end. Depending on your route, some Midsize Jets may require a fuel stop pending variables such as passenger weights, weather, runway length, etc.

Midsize Jets are a fantastic pick if traveling with 6 passengers for around a 3 hour journey. Their spacious cabins are an opulent retreat from it all or mobile conference room if one must stay connected. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel needs. We are always available to assist.