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Very Light Jets are an efficient alternative to larger aircraft when traveling with 2 to 4 passengers looking to travel about 2 hours away. Below are five things to consider before you charter a Very Light Jet, also known as an Entry Level Light Jet:

-NOISE LEVELS: Some of the loudest cabins out of all jets as the engines are so close, except for the HondaJet as its engines are uniquely mounted on the wings. This is mainly for anyone that is sensitive to noise levels.

-CAPACITY: Passenger count significantly impacts range, 2-3 passengers would be ideal to maximize performance and range, if not the aircraft’s range is reduced to under 2 hours.

-LAVATORY: Amenities vary widely in this class of business jet, from no lavatory at all to a fully enclosed lavatory with a solid door, sink, and even a skylight! Some are also equipped with what some passengers call an “emergency lavatory”, meaning there is a seat near the cockpit with a curtain that wraps around it, not ideal but also an answer to prayers when in need.

-AIRPORT SELECTION: Very Light Jet’s have incredible runway performance allowing them to utilize vastly more airports with shorter runways. In most areas this adds new airport options that are closer to your destination allowing you to save even more time and money.

-CABIN SIZE: They are called Very Light Jets for a good reason, their cabins can be very compact, especially for tall passengers. In that case, in this class we recommend either the HondaJet or Phenom 100 for the most enjoyable experience. They have the largest cabins in this class.

Very Light Jets filled a void in the business jet market by providing the runway performance found in Turboprop aircraft, paired with the speed of speed and luxury of a jet. The newest Very Light Jets are equipped with the most advanced cabin technology including some are outfitted with Wifi. Reach out anytime to discuss, we are always available to assist.