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Ultra Long Range Jets are the largest business jets available before jumping up to the Airliner category. Equipped with an oversized galley equipped with high-end appliances to cater to you and your passengers every craving. Ultra Long Range Jets are capable of performing flights around 12 to 14 hours! These cabins boast more than 6 feet in cabin height and on average, 8 feet in width. There are multiple zones in the cabin each designed to maximize comfort and productivity. Most are equipped with the fastest wifi available to ensure ultimate connectivity. And some of the newer aircraft are also equipped with a stand up shower! With all the options available to you in this category, we have included below 5 things to consider prior to chartering an Ultra Long Range Jet:

-SLEEPING SETUPS: most can accommodate around 6 sleeping setups depending on the configuration and equipment on board.

-ADDITIONAL CREW & PERSONNEL: Cabin Attendant’s are on board to assist with any in-flight needs. On long haul flights, starting around 10 hours, an augmented crew (3 pilots) may be necessary to ensure the crew stays within duty regulations.

-CABIN NOISE: equipped with the latest sound dampening technology making these cabins the quietest on the market, some having a noise level around 45dB!

-CABIN PRESSURE: lowest cabin pressure while at cruising altitude, 4,800 feet in the cabin while flying at 51,000 feet.

-RUNWAY PERFORMANCE: due to their enormous wings they are able to fly at slower speeds on approach making their landing distance at or under an astonishing 3,000 feet. Even when fully loaded, they are able to take off in roughly 6,000 feet opening up an entire new list of destinations.

Ultra Long Range Jets are amongst the largest and fastest business jets available and they live up to their specifications. With the incredible technology throughout the cabin as well as all of the equipment on board, it really is comparable to flying in your home as these jets are equipped with everything you and your passengers could ever ask for. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming travel needs. We are always available to assist, 24/7.