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Light Jets are an efficient option for small groups flying short to mid-range journeys, around 2 -3 hours, while accommodating up to 8 passengers. Featuring compact cabins and fantastic speed, they are one of the most popular categories in private aviation. Below are five things to consider before chartering a Light Jet.

-CAPACITY: stating a capacity of 7-8 passengers, keep in mind that would be an extremely tight fit for a group that consists of all adults as well as there are weight restrictions to consider.

-WEATHER: capable of flying above weather patterns, around 40,000 feet, which significantly decreases turbulence and allows for more direct routes.

-RANGE: many variables impact range, most significantly passenger and baggage weights. If filling the aircraft this would decrease the aircraft’s range.

-CABIN SIZE: are compact, if the majority of the passengers are tall, over 6 feet tall, it may be uncomfortable for them, a larger aircraft may be better suited.

-LAVATORY: some do not have a fully enclosed lavatory, equipped only with a conversion lavatory seat positioned between the flight deck and cabin with a privacy curtain.

Light Jets are a fuel efficient and economical aircraft option for flights under 3 hours. Reach out today to explore if a Light Jet is right for your upcoming trip.