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Renting a private jet to fly to a ski resort or, conversely, to a hot island is very easy, especially if you have enough money. Apart from the fact that flying on a private plane is luxurious, it has many advantages, among which are personalized times and days convenient for you, planes to suit your taste preferences and close people around you without any strangers.

However, fans of the luxury lifestyle, particularly those on their first flight on a private plane, have a lot of questions. Such questions can vary from the number of seats on the plane to questions about safety. All such questions are answered straightforwardly by Charter Jets, Inc. so that passengers do not have to worry. But, almost all passengers ask the identical question: Where do private jets land?

That’s the question we want to help all of our passengers understand, so read on to find out where private jets land.

private jet airport

What airport is used to land a private jet?

Almost all airports available for charter operations are likewise available for private planes. But on the other hand, do you prefer to travel to an airport where public planes land if there is greater accessibility of flying fields for private jets?

Most privately used planes arrive at airfields generally used for business aviation. 

These airports are much smaller than standard ones for commercial airlines. But airports for private flights, where most private jets land, have distinct advantages:

  • Fast access to any location

Did you know that there are approximately 400 private airports in France? Thanks to this number, you have the opportunity to get anywhere from anywhere in France. A big plus is the size of these airports because they are much smaller and can be closer to the city. Another advantage is quick check-in – you can leave 15 minutes after arrival.

  • The best waiting areas and private terminal

Airports have private terminals for business aviation. Most of these terminals are located at specialized airports where private jets land.

When you arrive at the airport, you go to these terminals where the staff will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Customs control is done in these terminals. Checks are fast enough, and you do not lose precious time.

If you arrive earlier at the airport, you can relax in the VIP class waiting area.

  • Private jet runway

Private small airports are ideal for private air transport. A private jet’s runway needs to be distributed to other private jets, and this is much easier and quicker to do than with a commercial company at larger airports.

landing a private jet

Can Private Jets Land Anywhere?

In general, we can say that a private jet can land anywhere. But there are nuances:

Not every private jet can fly anywhere. Mostly in areas where there are a lot of mountains, difficult approaches, or frequently changing weather. In these areas, there may be small problems, and flights may be delayed or postponed altogether. So when you book a private jet, be sure to check the weather and landing conditions. Charter Jets, Inc. takes care of its customers and warns them about possible inconsistencies, but it is quite rare.

To the question of ‘can private planes land at commercial airports?’, the answer would generally be yes. But, again, there are nuances:

  • These airports are usually very busy, especially if that airport is in a small country and it’s the only commercial one. So if you want to get to a certain airport early enough, you will probably have to spend a lot of time checking in and waiting for your flight.

The fact is that almost all commercial airports have a tight schedule of charter flights. And if there is any delay, they prioritize public planes over private ones. As a consequence, your flight may also be delayed.

For example, let’s look at the commercial airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris, which has 1,300 flights per day, and Le Bourget business airport in Paris, which has up to 150 private flights per day.

The principle of landing a private jet

For a private plane to land successfully, it is necessary to have a qualified pilot. They must consider such things:

  • The length of the runway and its surface; 
  • Resistance of the pavement.

When landing, private planes are usually slower than commercial flights. Consequently, private planes must land faster if they are at a commercial airport. 

This increase in speed for a small plane means, on the one hand, that the pilot must have more experience; on the other hand, the increased landing speed of a private plane creates an inconvenience that reduces the comfort needed for passengers.

But you do not have to worry – all pilots working for Charter Jets, Inc. are highly experienced and will make your flight as pleasant as possible.


What is the best plane to choose for a trip to the Rockies?

Charter Jets, Inc. will be able to advise you on the best plane to fly. What’s more, the company will recommend the best time to fly, so there are no weather problems.

Can I know the price of my flight in advance?

Yes, you can find it out for yourself on the official Charter Jets, Inc. website.

Can I choose any airport for my trip?

Charter Jets, Inc. will recommend the best airport in the country you want to visit.