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So you’re about to take your first private jet flight and don’t know how to get things done quickly and correctly? Don’t worry. We will describe the general picture of organizing a private flight, sorting out which documents you should take and why so that you can better navigate this process. In addition to the main documents, we will talk about secondary ones, for example, when you are going on a trip with a pet.

Besides reading our short article, you can always contact our company to clarify the information which interests you. Our operator will be happy to advise and help you decide on the necessary documents.

flying your own plane internationally

List of required documents for the flight

The main documents for flying your own plane internationally are:

  • Passport. The immigration requirements are the same for passengers on commercial flights and those traveling by private jet. Passport must be taken – without this document, departure is impossible. The main difference lies in the level of comfort and service during passport control. A private jet passenger will not have to waste time waiting in line for check-in. All operations take a minimum of time.
  • Visa. A visa document is not required in all cases, but this aspect applies to both commercial and private airlines. The passenger must comply with the country’s requirements to which he is traveling.The French, for example, can travel with their national identity card within the Schengen area. Our experts will inform you about the visa requirements.
  • Vaccination passport. To date, there are a number of countries that do not let people in without  a document certifying their vaccination. Among them are Greece, Andorra, and others. The information is constantly updated, so constantly review the official websites of the customs of the country you are planning to travel to.

You will need all these documents at the beginning of the flight and at the end.  At major airports in the world, there are terminals for private airliners or FBOs – this is the name of specialized service centers for business jets. It is there that you have to register and present an identity card – a passport.

The passenger can also count on an individual flight if he has one of the following reasons for flying:

  • Citizenship or residence permit of the country of destination;
  • Documents for real estate in the country of destination;
  • A medical certificate confirming the need for treatment in the country of destination (does not work in many cases).

Does my pet need a passport to travel on a private jet?

Like people, pets also have their own passports! To travel with you, your four-legged friend must have a passport and a medical book that must  be valid for the date of travel. However, some countries have special conditions. For example, your pet must be vaccinated against rabies to travel to the UK. When  using our airline, you will know what kind of documents your pet needs to have before the flight.

Also, the owner will have to take care of the proper flight conditions for the animal. Be sure to bring enough food with you. In the case of a private flight, you can take your pet into the cabin with you, so  it does  not experience stress in the luggage compartment. However, there are a number of rules:

  • Dogs of especially large sizes and fighting breeds are placed during the rental of a business jet in cages or containers with ventilation, which is installed in a place separate from passengers.
  • Less dangerous representatives of the canine world are tied to the owner’s chair in the cabin. They should not impede movement along the aisle of the aircraft.
  • Cats must be in ventilated containers. Parrots, other birds, and small animals (rodents, rabbits, and so on) are placed in cages. During the flight, they can be held by the owner.
flying your own plane

Do I have to show my plane ticket?

You don’t need tickets to fly in a private jet. A  ticket allows you to take a certain place on the plane. When you book a private jet with us, you are renting the entire aircraft, which means that you do not have a specific seat in the cabin. All you need to do is to arrive at the airport at the time you specified. Our pilots will meet you at your personal terminal and accompany your luggage to the plane.

When do I need to show or send a copy of my passport?

When you book a private jet flight, our employee asks you to send a copy of each passenger’s passport (or other required ID) prior to the flight. This allows our company and the aircraft operator to create a passenger manifest. This is an official document used by immigration, crew, and the terminal. For domestic flights in France and the Schengen area, having a statement allows you to send immigration information in advance and avoid checking at the airport. This facilitates administrative procedures and saves time for passengers.


Do you need a passport if on a private jet?

Yes, you need a passport to travel on a private jet. This is the main document to confirm your identity during international flights.

Do private jets go through immigration?

Yes, private jets go through immigration. However, this procedure is much faster and more convenient than during a flight on commercial airlines.

Do you need an ID for a private jet?

Yes, you will need an ID if you are flying domestically. On these flights, you do not need to take your passport.