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When choosing a private jet rental, customers may be asked what type of aircraft they would prefer. Have you ever thought that in addition to the different models and manufacturers of aircraft, there are also different types? We mean jets and turboprop airplanes.

To ensure that rental aircraft meet your expectations and costs, you need to understand the distinction between the models with different engine types. The advantages of turboprop private planes are:

  • low weight

  • efficiency and reasonable price

  • maneuverability

  • high power and speed

In 2022, there are already many models of turboprop private planes on the market. But how do you choose the best one for your flight? CharterJets Inc has decided to make a selection of the best private prop planes so you can compare and choose the best one for your flight.

turboprop airplanes 1

The list of the best turboprop airplanes

To understand which airplane to choose, you need to make a comparison. CharterJets Inc always recommends aircraft options to its customers based on their desires and abilities. But if you want to see and choose a turboprop yourself, here is a list of the best options and their rental rates:

King Air 250

The King Air model aircraft are produced by the Beechcraft Company. They specialize in turboprop airplanes. This aircraft model is one of the most popular among turboprop private planes.

The passenger capacity is eight people. The cabin is equipped with innovative seats, which are located against each other, and can rotate and recline at the passenger’s will . The cabin has high enough ceilings and space for the passage, so movement through the area of the plane will not be uncomfortable.

Additionally, this private prop plane has tables that can be retracted if needed.

Rental price

The cost of renting this turboprop plane is average, $2,500 per flight hour. It is worth noting that these are not long-range prop planes, and the range of this model is 3185 km.

King Air 260

This private prop plane is the successor of the Air 250 and the last in the Air 200 series. It was first announced in December 2020 but was licensed to fly in early 2021 and has already been able to carry passengers.

This type of turboprop airplane attracts the attention of aviation enthusiasts for the fact that it is quite compact and inexpensive. When compared to its older brother Air 250, in terms of  technical characteristics, Air 260 is not much different. But the main factor is that the aircraft is newer.

The cabin has a built-in bar and leather seats for passengers, which rotate as needed. There are two tables that can be folded down. Because it is a new aircraft, it has improved soundproofing so that when you are flying, the sound of the aircraft is almost inaudible.

Rental price

This turboprop private plane can be rented for $2,500. This is the average cost to rent turboprop airplanes.

King Air 350i

Another turboprop airplane was manufactured by Beechcraft. This model was designed back in 2008 but was not licensed to fly until 2010. It differs from its brothers’ King Air models by several improved technologies.

For example, this private prop plane can fly approximately 150 km more than the King Air 250 and 260. It is still not a long-range prop plane, but a little more distance.

The number of passengers is 9. As for the cabin, it is a timeless classic – leather seats that can be rotated. One of the innovations is the addition of electrical outlets and control of the lighting level in the cabin. And, of course, improved noise insulation was also added to the aircraft.

Rental price

At CharterJets Inc, you can rent this model airplane for $3250 per hour. You can calculate the cost of the flight individually here.

King Air 360

It is one of the latest King Air models introduced last year. You’re probably wondering how this model differs from the 350i.

The number of passengers is the same – 9 people. But the interior has undergone minor changes: this turboprop private plane made a more modern and stylish design. The passenger seats were made even more comfortable, the cupholders were added, and the lighting control system is even better.

This aircraft flies the same distance as the King Air 350i. But this model of private prop plane included many modifications that reduce the burden on the pilot, which means that flying is even safer.

Rental price

The cost to rent this aircraft is $3250 per hour. This is quite a decent cost considering a large number of modifications.

TBM 910

This private prop plane was developed by the French company Daher in 2017. It has a predecessor, the TBM 900, but the 910 is an improved model, so we will talk about it.

The plane differs from the last version with more powerful processors, which allows it to run faster, and of course, a more powerful engine was installed. Now the plane can fly 3,217 km, which is a pretty good distance for a turboprop airplane.

The plane can carry only five passengers. The seats are arranged comfortably and can be adjusted for inclination level. The interior is not overloaded with unnecessary decor, made in a strict and laconic style.

Rental price

The cost of renting this turboprop private plane will please absolutely everyone. For one hour you pay only $1700, which is one of the cheapest options, given that the flight range is more than 3 thousand kilometers.

long range prop plane 2

Pilatus PC-12 NGX

If we talk about this plane, it was presented in October 2019, and it already had certification to fly by the FAA and EASA at that time.

The aircraft is equipped with a fairly powerful engine that allows it to fly a range of 3,339 km. Among the useful things in turboprop airplanes is the installation of a smart landing system, which shows the pilot the position of the aircraft relative to the landing strip.

The interior of the aircraft is completely new and modern. There are nine landing seats for passengers, which have been redesigned and made more comfortable. The backs of the seats are now higher, allowing taller people to sit more comfortably. And besides, now the seat can fully recline if you want to lie down.

The soundproofing system is even more improved, so passengers are in maximum comfort.

Rental price

The cost of flying on this private prop plane is $2290 per hour. If you consider that there will be nine people flying and the cost will be shared between all, then each passenger will get less than $300.

Grand Caravan

This is the last turboprop airplane we would like to write about. This aircraft was designed by Cessna and has been in production since 1990.

The plane can comfortably seat 7-8 people in comfortable leather seats. The cockpit has tables that can be deployed or hidden as needed for added comfort. The size of the plane is small, but it is comfortable to move around the cabin.

Rental price


The price of renting an airplane for an hour is 2500 dollars. For some, it may seem a rather high price, considering that the flight range is only 1981 km, but Cessna is a company which has been proving its reputation for almost 40 years.


Do long-range prop planes exist?

No, aircrafts of this type fly short distances. The average distance that turboprop planes can fly is 2,500-2,700 km.

Can you fly a turboprop to any airport?

For the most part wherever private jets can land. You can read our article where private jets land if you haven’t already.

How can I rent a plane?

Email us, and we will work out the details of your rental: the model of the plane, where to fly to, date, time, and other important things.