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An airplane will fly an empty flight (often referred to as empty legs) when it returns to the airport after finishing another trip. Such flight tickets are offered at a roughly 75% discount.

For instance, A return trip will be empty if a prior passenger booked a private aircraft for the outbound trip only. Tickets for empty leg flights are advantageous for both you and the airline since, in any event, the plane will travel along this route irrespective of the number of passengers aboard, so you may purchase a seat at the lowest price.

This is advantageous for the passenger as well since he may enjoy all the perks of VIP service and travel in luxury to his destination with empty leg prices for around 30% less than the typical cost of hiring an aircraft.

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What to remember about empty leg charters

Booking empty leg flights is 40–70% less expensive than renting a private corporate jet. The kind of aircraft and the day of departure will affect the cost. Similar to charter flights, the price of the ticket decreases the closer the departure.

Customers receive high-level service the whole journey, including faster airport check-in, no stringent luggage limitations, gourmet food of your choice, and the chance to unwind in a cozy cabin. The empty leg charters must take off at the scheduled time. Thus it is important to keep in mind that return flights cannot be delayed.

Depending on the location, a certain set of documents may be needed for the flight. In any event, a passport and, frequently, a visa are requirements for international travel. In addition, due to the terrible pandemic situation, a lot of nations currently have limitations on international travel. Those coming from overseas might need to present a coronavirus infection clearance certificate.

On a typical flight, the customer selects the type of aircraft he wishes to hire and the time of departure. He’ll have to change his plans on Empty Legs to accommodate fixed departure and arrival timings. It depends on the schedule of other flights operated by the airline and how many locations are now serviced by such flights, and this number may vary often. Return flights have the characteristic of being dependent on the schedule of flights operated by other airlines.

However, there are still some drawbacks of empty leg charters:

  • Finding empty leg flights on the required itinerary is more challenging, and you cannot choose the departure date.
  • Only one-way tickets for flights are sold, and only one week before departure.
  • For a flight on a standard airline, you will need to purchase a roundtrip ticket.
  • Turbulence is more likely to affect small business jets than larger aircraft.
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Book empty leg charters

Watch out for the following issues while booking an empty leg flight:

  • Depending on the business, the cost you are offered could be different from the cost you ultimately pay. Your rate might increase as a result of variations in gasoline prices and other variables. Read the tiny print carefully.
  • Most businesses that provide empty leg flights reserve the right to rent the plane to a paying customer even if you have already made your reservation. Therefore, it could be a good idea to reserve a different commercial flight that you can change if your private jet adventure is canceled.
  • The rental firm may discover they can add another flight by moving forward the departure date.

A 1:1 match of the actual empty leg route is not always required when booking an empty leg. Clients with similar routes frequently reserve empty legs by paying more for placement fees. Like any other charter trip, the cost of an empty leg varies depending on the aircraft, the route, and other factors. However, there are a few important factors to consider when assessing empty leg costs.

The air broker’s website makes the list of empty flight (legs) locations accessible to the general public. The customer is allocated a personal manager who oversees each step of the flight planning process and provides advice on all matters.

By purchasing a flight with other people, you may also lower the cost of the ticket. Depending on the number of other passengers, the price might be lowered multiple times in this situation.

Twitter and the hashtag #emptyleg are two simple ways to locate aircraft with empty legs. Although flights are available, they are not targeted. Some businesses let customers book empty legs on flights using their mobile apps.

If you want to take such a trip (empty leg), you could either examine the deals that are available for particular dates or call our managers, who will help you with this and any other VIP transportation-related questions (as well as empty leg prices). For individuals who don’t want to overspend but value comfort and their own time, an empty leg is a perfect option.


A charter leg is what?

A leg is the single direction of travel between two sites in aviation. Repositioning and fuel stops can also be included in a leg of an aviation charter schedule.

How much does a private flight cost?

Private jet flights are priced per hour. Prices vary according to the size of the aircraft, the distance traveled, and the number of passengers. According to Airshare, a private charter business, the usual cost to rent a private aircraft is between $2,000 and $23,000 per hour.

An empty leg discount is what?

Empty leg flights are frequently offered with discounts of up to 50 to 75 percent off the standard charter rate. The route and the operator will determine the actual cost. In cases when they haven’t been able to sell the flight, operators are frequently willing to make extremely cheap offers at the last minute.