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The best way to quickly get to another part of the world is to fly on a passenger plane. Today it is a reasonably affordable and safe means of transportation, but often the flight is accompanied by noisy passengers.

Presidents, successful business people, and celebrities have the opportunity to fly on private planes. And, if you have a group of friends, you can also afford to fly on a private plane. Hiring a private jet can be done for a fairly reasonable price.

For example, if you have a group of nine friends and the whole team wants to fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You can rent a turboprop for about $2,500. If you divided that amount equally, each passenger would only pay about $300 per ticket. A first-class ticket will cost about $340, although you’ll be flying with strangers and under airline conditions. But how to rent a private jet without going wrong? Below we will reveal all the secrets.

hiring a private jet

Benefits of hiring a private jet

Let’s start by identifying the undeniable advantages of the option of hiring a private jet:

  • unsurpassed comfort and convenience in flight;
  • the ability to create a personal itinerary;
  • exclusive meals and service;
  • confidential travel without publicity;
  • fun on board in a small circle of people.

But that’s not all. There are different types of private jets, so there is even an option to work while flying. There are private jets where there is room for conferences with comfortable seats so you don’t lose any minutes. Or conversely, there are airplanes where you can relax and sleep during the flight.

Whatever option and flight itinerary the client needs, suitable solutions are sure to be found.

Steps to renting a private jet

So, we have already highlighted the benefits of renting a private jet. The most important part is how to rent a private jet, according to expectations.

There is even such a myth that hiring a private jet is quite tricky. Indeed, if you are a beginner, you may be slightly confused and not understand what you should pay attention to first. But these steps will help you make the right decision:

Thoroughly compare company options

When choosing an airplane for rent, it is important not to be fooled by the first option and make an order. Instead, you should compare several options. It is essential to understand that hiring a private jet is not a cheap pleasure, and you pay for your comfort and quality of services.

To begin with, go to the Internet and select a few sites that offer rental services for private jets. It is important not to do it in a hurry but to choose only the best options deliberately. What you can pay attention to:

  • It will be better to select companies with many different types of jets in their arsenal because you do not yet know what plane is right for you and your trip.
  • Pay attention to how the site is set up. Is there necessary general information about the planes, safety, and services? Is the site easy to use? If the site is adapted for both computers and phones, it means that the company cares about the convenience of customers.
  • Having a blog is also a good indicator. This is always a good sign if a company gives interesting information to its clients. Thus, the company also takes care of its reputation.

Contact the company in real-time

The next step is to talk to the company. The fact is that a well-designed website does not always mean good quality. But communication will help you learn more about the company and the services it can provide.

Only you decide your flight, so you have to say what your expectations are. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as you want to get the service in full. If you wish to hire a private jet for a group of more than ten people, say it and ask for the plane’s options. Want a flight without a transfer – emphasize that to the company. And any other questions and wishes you can tell the company.

Good service is the key to success, and if the company strives for quality services, it will help you sort out all the issues. And if it’s a company that provides various types of cheap jets without quality, we recommend abandoning this company.

types of jets

Discuss the technical condition of the aircraft and the budget

You have the right to know what condition the aircraft is in and to ask for documents that prove that the aircraft is in good condition. So if you’re hiring a private jet, but the company refuses to provide the documents and all the necessary certificates, you should think twice. And choose another company that will provide you with the requested documents.

In addition, you have the right to know the price of your trip in advance. Once the company hears your requirements, they will be able to give you a price based on the types of jets and extras you need.

For example, on our Charter Jets, Inc. website, you can calculate the cost of your flight from point A to point B by yourself.

Check empty leg tickets

Perhaps you have never heard the expression ‘empty legs’ before. Let us explain it to you with an example:

For example, some passengers booked a plane from Vienna to fly to Paris. Then a private plane is empty flying to Vienna from Paris. These flights are necessary to get the plane with the crew to the desired destination. And some companies may offer an empty flight to Vienna cheaper.

Usually, such tickets may be sold at the very last moment. And if the plane is entirely suitable for your destination and expectations, you may be able to hire a private jet at a very favorable price.

Check different airport options

When renting a plane to a city, you probably think of flying to large international airports. But did you know that there are other, smaller airports for private planes? These have some advantages:

  • there are usually fewer people there, so there are no delays;
  • because of their smaller size, they can be closer to cities;
  • sometimes, it can be cheaper.

You should check if there is a private airport in your destination, as it may be more comfortable for you to get to your destination.

Contact Charter Jets, Inc. company

When you contact Charter Jets, Inc., we guarantee to find the perfect flight for you. Just tell us your wishes, and we will try to fulfill them at the highest level.


What documents can I require from a private jet airline?

Everything that concerns your safety: FAA and EASA approvals, pilot licenses, certificates, etc. A self-respecting company will be delighted to provide its customers with documents to confirm the safety of their aircraft.

Does the airline have the right to refuse to show safety certificates?

No, it does not. The passenger must be fully confident in their safety, so they have the right to get documents and licenses from the airline.

Is there any difference in which private plane to rent?

Yes, of course, there is a difference. Each type of aircraft is designed differently. So if you need an airplane for a long flight, you can’t choose one of the light or turboprop categories.

What type of airplane is suitable for the trip?

Usually, the airline can tell you which airplane is best for the flight. If the company does not offer you a choice, it is probably not a bona fide company.