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If you have never used a private plane, you may be surprised at the significant difference between personal and revenue flights.

A private plane flight is a lot more relaxing than many might imagine. Business aviation includes comfortable paperwork and transfer to the airport, facilitated immigration procedures, and the possibility of transporting oversized luggage or animals in the cabin. However, some private jet rules are worth following. If this is your first private jet traveling experience, we recommend reading these rules so you can feel comfortable during the flight.

Once you know all the details of a private business jet trip, all you have to do is enjoy an impeccable flight.

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10 rules of traveling by private jet

We suggest you read the ten rules for traveling by private jet. By following these rules, you can easily avoid the negative experience of the first flight and get maximum enjoyment and relaxation during the journey.

  • Arrive a little early

The private jet rules do not include arriving several hours early, such as on a revenue flight. However, arriving at the exact appointed time is still not advisable. It is recommended to arrive earlier, about 40 minutes before departure, so as not to rush anywhere.

In general, this is negotiated when booking the plane, especially if the plane arrives at an international airport, where accurate timing is important so there are no delays.

  • I. D.

When you are using a private airplane, you are exempt from TSA inspection, but you still need to have identification documents with you.

Additionally, if you intend to fly privately abroad, you must ensure that you have a passport and won’t experience any control issues. And also, be sure to apply for a visa in advance if any country does.

  • All requests should be explained in advance

Traveling by private jet is characterized by exceptional customer care. So if you have any wishes, you should agree on this in advance, even when booking the plane.

All the things that will make your trip on a private plane even more enjoyable, whether it is music, magazines, your favorite tea, or organic food for your four-legged friend. Yes, it’s a private flight, but making it more personalized is your job.

  • Control the weight of your luggage

Most people are certain that if they are traveling by private jet they can take as much luggage as they want. But this is a common mistake. On private planes, just like on commercial planes, there is a strict weight limit, and you cannot take more. So don’t take too much luggage.

  • You do not need to carry your luggage

The cost of renting your private plane also includes carrying your luggage. Therefore, there is no need for you to carry large bags yourself.

  • You do not need to turn off your gadgets

You can use all your gadgets with absolute discretion on board your private jet. And since the aircraft is at your complete disposal, you don’t need to worry when a person in the next seat starts ringing.

Many private planes are equipped with wireless Internet systems so that even during the flight, you can stay in touch with your work or watch your favorite shows that you’ve never had time for.

  • Use your manners

In general, this rule seems pretty obvious at first glance, but many people still fail to abide by it. An airplane is an expensive mode of transportation, so passengers are expected to maintain order on board. Of course, you will not be forced to vacuum, but you must drop litter in the proper place, eat carefully so as not to spill the seats and floor, and many other basic things.

Besides, you hardly want to include additional expenses for cleaning the cabin in your private jet experiences.

  • Be demanding but polite

Traveling by private jet does not mean that you have become the earth’s center, and everyone is obliged to comply with your whims. And indeed, no one has abandoned basic civility. You should not misbehave, such as abusing alcohol, being noisy, or insulting the crew. Remember that the team is alive people, so you should treat them the way you would like them to treat you.

  • The person who organizes the flight gets on and boards first

If you have been invited to take a flight or if this is your first private jet experience, you should let the person who arranged this flight. This way, you show appreciation to this person, and they can take their favorite seat since they have been on the flight before.

If you arrange to fly private in the future, you will get precedence and be allowed on board first.

  • Be careful with the pets

Unlike revenue flights, private jet rules permit you to bring your pet into the cabin; however, your pet needs to be groomed, combed, and cleaned. No one likes to see a dirty pet’s paws on the pricey seat or a littered cabin with pet hair, even though that pets are treated far more kindly on private flights. Therefore, confirm that your pet can fly with you in comfort.

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Do I need to have my luggage scanned for travelling in private planes?

As with any commercial flight, your luggage is scanned. However, forget about long queue. The transition to security procedures is smooth and super-fast. Business terminals are designed to make private jet travel fast and efficient.

Can I order extra services on a private plane?

Yes, you may order extra services on a private jet. But you should express your wishes to the company in advance.

Are there fines for not following the rules for flying on a private plane?

It depends on which rule was broken. The company may charge you extra for cleaning if you left a mess.

Do I have to tip crew members in private jets?

Tips are always welcome but not expected. If you want to give an extra thank you to the crew, you can leave a good tip, starting at $50-100 per person.