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Forbes statistics show that more and more people want to travel safely and comfortably using the services of private flights every year. A commercial flight is relatively cheap if you take data from past years, but a private one is convenient and comfortable. Each flight type has its own pros and cons. So you can still hear the constant debate about which type of flight is better, and it seems they will never end. And yet the answer is always somewhere in the middle, and we will help you find it with ease.

Heading to a business meeting? Or on a long-awaited vacation? Then do not rush to the airline’s website to book a ticket for the next scheduled flight. First, read our short and useful article that will tell you about the main pros and cons of using commercial and private flights, which will let you know which type suits you best!

Price policy for two types of flights

The first thing a person encounters when considering these two types of flights is their price. In most situations, a private jet will be more expensive, but there are a number of reasons for this, the main one being the type of aircraft. The larger the transport and the greater the distance it can cover, the more expensive it is. Conventionally, private jets can be divided into several categories:


Type of private jet Description Rental price per hour
Turboprop Jets These small planes can land at the smallest airports but have a low speed (400–500 km/h), a compact cabin with low ceilings, and do not carry much luggage. On average, they cover a distance of up to 2500 km and can accommodate from three to eight passengers. $1500-$2500
Light Jets Small jet-powered aircraft are capable of speeds up to 800 km/h. In some of them, you can stand up to your full height, and it is possible to hire a cabin hostess for service and also place much more things in the luggage compartment. Such jets are able to cover a greater distance than turboprops (sometimes even more than 4000 km) and accommodate from four to nine people. $2000-$3500
Midsize Jets They are more convenient and comfortable than those mentioned above, but they are not as expensive as larger models. They develop speeds up to 900 km/h and are able to fly up to 6500 km, and onboard can accommodate from six to ten passengers. $3,000-$5,000
Heavy Jets In such aircraft, there is enough space to accommodate separate berths, showers, and a spacious kitchen. These vessels are capable of reaching speeds of up to 950 km/h and cover a huge distance, up to 11,000 km, so they are well suited for transcontinental flights. Also, the aircraft of this group can accommodate significantly more passengers – from 10 to 19. $4500-$8000

We can safely say that a private jet will be the most cost-effective choice for a large number of people. And as for a first-class commercial flight, it may turn out to be cheaper, for example, when flying abroad on longer intercontinental flights.

flight facilities

Flight facilities

An equally important point in the topic of private jet vs commercial airline is flight facilities. A first-class commercial flight is considered to be the guarantee of the highest quality of service, and it is true. Comfortable seating, compartments with beds, access to the airport lounge, and much more. However, the private jet still occupies a leading position in this aspect, and here’s why:

  • Kitchen. It all depends on your preferences! Of course, the cuisine is more than decent in the first class of a commercial flight. But in the case of a business flight on a private jet, it can be customized. Champagne, dishes from your favorite restaurant, specific drinks – whatever you want.
  • Pets. Another bonus of private aviation is that you can bring your pet on board. It can sit next to you in a separate chair and eat its favorite food – all this is a qualitatively different level compared to the luggage compartment, where representatives of a commercial airline would place your four-legged friend. But some rules still exist and differ depending on the operator. You are assumed to be solely responsible for your pet’s actions and behavior during takeoff, turbulence, and landing.
  • Confidentiality. This convenience parameter is important for people who like peace, do business during flights, or do not want to disclose their identity. In any case, this is a plus for a private flight because the client decides who will accompany them on board.

In addition, by renting a private jet, a person gets a comfortable cabin with all amenities at their disposal, avoids long checks and huge queues, chooses the time and direction themselves, and can land in many places inaccessible to commercial airlines.

Delays of commercial and private flights

This problem applies to both commercial and private aircraft. Flight delays are caused mostly by bad weather. A striking example of such a situation was the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano when air travel was impossible throughout Europe. The same applies to thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other emergencies. But what differentiates commercial flights from private ones is that they can also be canceled for technical reasons:

  • Aircraft breakdown
  • Crew shortage
  • Low congestion of the flight

In these situations, each passenger has the right to:

  1. Return money. Moreover, it is supposed to be compensated if the passenger booked several tickets to travel around the region and all tickets were purchased from the same airline.
  2. Get a free air ticket on the next flight, or they may require another route to get to their destination. In this case, the passenger can ask to change the departure time to a more convenient one.
  3. Get free food and lodging. If the passenger has a night-time flight, they can be settled in accommodation provided by the company. Accordingly, the airline is obliged to take over the transportation of the passenger and provide their accommodation and food.
  4. Receive a strictly defined monetary compensation. Passengers can get it only through a lawsuit against the carrier airline and only if the airline itself is to blame for the cancellation of the flight.

One way or another, these are benefits for a passenger who got into a situation with a canceled flight from a commercial organization. But it’s better not to run into this at all, spending unlimited time on a flight and dealing with stress. And here, a private jet comes to the rescue with which you will have 100% confidence that you will be taken care of and arrive at your destination as you need and require. Their timely maintenance will help reduce the risk of force majeure events to a minimum. And, of course, there is always the option to receive monetary compensation in the case of a flight cancellation.

flight facilities

Other significant nuances when choosing a private jet or commercial one

Other notable differences between commercial and private flights include:

  • Saving time. When people choose commercial airlines, they often have to stand in endless queues to go through security checks, check-in procedures, and overcrowded lines to the gate. Meanwhile, private-jet passengers do not go through all of these. Flying on a private jet is sometimes the only way to get to your destination on time, without spending a lot of time on the road, delaying your departure, and with regard to regular flight schedules. And, of course, a private jet allows you to arrive at the terminal 10 minutes before departure, and most importantly, you will be able to determine the departure time yourself.
  • Things you can take with you. Private traveling means that no one will dig into your belongings, and luggage weight restrictions are not at all as strict as those of commercial airlines. But the real benefit is that you can take just about anything onboard a private jet, including oversized or bulky items. Do you have any equipment to show during a meeting? Its transportation will never be a problem for a private jet.
  • Loss of baggage. When flying commercial, your baggage may stay safe, or maybe due to an accidental mistake by the staff, get lost. In other words, there is always a risk that the airport will send your bags to the wrong place. If you are carrying essential business documents, expensive equipment, or presentation materials, then losing them is not an option. It is better in this case to use a private jet.


What is the difference between a commercial flight and a passenger flight?

Private airlines are much better at managing time, so the passenger can fly even earlier than the scheduled time. Commercial flights have a specific flight schedule, and the cost of tickets is significantly lower, but the flights are often accompanied by delays.

How do private planes work?

A private flight begins with an appeal to a company that provides aircraft for rent. Then you choose the required route, select an aircraft from the proposed options, sign an agreement, and pay for the service.

Can private planes land anywhere?

Yes, if the runway has asphalt (with the exception of the Pilatus PC-24) and sufficient runway length.

Can you smoke on private planes?

Everything depends on the specific case. In some situations, smoking is allowed on board a private jet.