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Turboprop aircraft are ideal for short and mid-range passenger and cargo missions. They can operate into and out of some of the shortest and most remote airports where most jets cannot thanks to their incredible field performance. Below are five things to consider before you charter a turboprop aircraft.

-NOISE LEVELS: Louder than jet aircraft due to the propellors.

-PASSENGER CAPACITY: When utilizing an aircrafts entire capacity, weight restrictions may come into play. Performance can be greatly reduced when filled to capacity.

-LAVATORY: smaller Turboprop Aircraft are not outfitted with a lavatory, such as the TBM 900. Larger Turboprop Aircraft such as the Pilatus PC-12 have a lavatory in between the flight deck and cabin while some separated by a curtain.

-WEATHER: Turboprop aircraft must flight plan around severe weather systems as they cannot fly above them like jets do. Typically, this increases flight time and operational cost.

-FLIGHT DISTANCE: For longer flights, jets may be comparable on cost due to speed. Jet aircraft reduce operational time on the same route therefor saving on operational cost.

Turboprop aircraft are great option for airports with short runways and difficult approaches as they boast some of the shortest landing and take-off distances. Reach out to Charter Jets, Inc. today to get your quote on your upcoming Turboprop trip.