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The Citation M2 is a fantastic jet aircraft for shorter missions with a couple of passengers. If you are thinking of chartering a Citation M2, I have included a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your selection, as that is our top priority. They are:

-CREW: Citation M2 is rated and certified for single-pilot operations, however, Charter Jets, Inc. always recommends two pilots (unless otherwise requested). This is to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained at all times as well as maximum comfort is upheld.

-CAPACITY: the Citation M2 is capable of accommodating up to six passengers, one would be seated on the certified belted aft lavatory seat and the other on a side-facing seat and 2-3 of the passengers would also need to be children due to weight restrictions.

-RANGE: Please keep in mind that the range is significantly decreased when getting close to passenger capacity, down to about 1:30 flight time. Otherwise, we suggest 2-3 adult passengers on board for maximum performance and comfort.

-AIRFRAME: The Citation M2 is a variation of the Citation CJ Model 525 Series. It is not, however, a new variation of the Citation Mustang.

-OPTIONAL CARGO: On some Citation M2’s there is an additional cargo area where the galley would be allowing you more space to store baggage in flight. Keep in mind, if you are filling it up to capacity, weight will come into play.All in all, the M2 surpasses its competition in the Very Light Jet  category in many ways. With the trusted names of Textron and Cessna behind this product, you are in very experienced and capable hands.