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There is a good chance that a plane will land empty at its starting location when a trip between points A and B is planned. This is referred to as an “empty flight” or “empty legs” in aviation.

An empty leg flight scenario happens when a customer books a solo one-way flight. For logistical purposes, airlines shuttle empty aircraft between airports frequently.

It is sometimes feasible to book such a ticket at a significant discount, which may be as high as 50% off a typical round-trip fare. Flexibility is quite helpful when planning a flight with empty legs. Please try to provide us with a range of potential departure dates and hours when requesting an empty leg rather than being restricted to a fixed day and time.

The procedure for obtaining this service is similar to purchasing tickets for a standard flight:. The following actions are required while renting a private jet empty leg:

  • the customer makes a reservation for a charter on the route with the requirement that they will not cancel the trip;
  • the airline creates an offer based on the information from the reservation, stating the start and finish locations, the date, the make and model of the vessel, and its layout;
  • Business aviation travelers who are interested in flying might reserve a plane for themselves.

Additionally, private jet seats can be sold to various customers on a per-seat basis for popular locations. In this scenario, the cost savings will be much greater, plus you’ll have the chance to meet new people and establish new business relationships with other program members while you’re flying.

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Why is empty leg travel different?

You receive a small seat on a 200-seat airplane, are dependent on timetables, and must make several transfers to reach your destination, whether you pick scheduled or charter flights. In Empty Legs, you are traveling aboard a corporate plane, which typically provides only the highest caliber of service. You receive the required services throughout the flight, which are of very high quality for the majority of businesses in this market.

The main differences and advantages of the empty leg charter are as follows:

  • when you employ business aviation services, which are superior to charters, you have a fully flexible service with assured departure from hundreds of airports across the world and a fixed schedule
  • savings of up to 70% compared to hiring a business aircraft under the regular arrangement;
  • no need to wait in a long line at the airport for boarding.

Not only do the following benefits of the empty leg flights stand out, but also:

  • a comprehensive flight map with as many destinations as regular flights but at a higher speed and service level;
  • information support throughout the process;
  • the ability to deviate from the original route for a surcharge;
  • the option to choose an aircraft by the customer’s preferences.

Numerous things affect the ultimate price. Different airlines have various pricing strategies. You can estimate the price of the flight by looking at the current offers. For much less money, you receive full service. This is not only a crewed aircraft; it also has the complete complement of onboard business services, which are typically offered to business jet users. The price is determined by the airlines’ pricing policies rather than the distance of the journey or the kind of aircraft. As a result, it’s crucial to consider all of your options and charter an aircraft under the best circumstances.

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Drawbacks of empty leg flights

At first, look, flying an empty airplane seems like a fantastic opportunity to observe life from the other side, but what dangers are there?

  • Routes

Finding a connecting flight with some flexibility in departure dates on a well-traveled route, like London to Paris, is not difficult. However, it might be quite challenging to book a flight from Birmingham (UK) to the Dutch Enkhuizen.

  • Flexible travel itinerary

A ferry trip is a component of an ongoing scheduled flight, and therefore unlike a typical on-demand charter, you must fit into the designated period only. You will thus need to be flexible.

  • Cancellation

When an empty leg charter returns to its home base or is traveling to a location where it is meant to pick up passengers for a new trip. As a result, you are reliant on the primary charter’s timetable and constrained by the duration of subsequent private jet rentals. In other words, you have no control over them and are entirely dependent on other travelers who have paid the full cost.

Additionally, if the primary customer decides to alter his plans at the last minute, you will need to stand in line at the counter to check in for another inexpensive flight.. Because of this, charter companies advise employing ferry flights only if your schedule is open, never relying on them for an important journey or a business trip.

This approach was first developed to lower the cost of airlines operating empty planes. These flights were all one-way at the outset of the Empty Legs booking system. But as time goes on, client demands increase, and the technological park of businesses also expands. This enables us to approach VIP client transportation with flexibility and to offer pleasant services.

For you, our business will locate acceptable leg flights. Flights may employ a variety of aircraft, but the level of service will always be the highest possible. Airlines frequently can adjust the date and departure time of business aviation flights by a few hours. Business jets do not participate in flights on regular routes with the same frequency as big passenger planes. The experts at our organization will choose for you the finest departure choice at a suitable time and on the appropriate day. It suffices to specify what you desire.

We’ll choose the most suitable flight for you, demonstrate how to save travel costs, and provide you with a choice of departure times. Call the company’s managers with any inquiries.


What limitations apply to flying with no legs?

These flights aren’t right away accessible when or where they could be required. Whether a plane will be available for your chosen itinerary at your specified travel time depends on luck. However, we keep an eye on any available vacant legs and will make every effort to comply with your request.

What if the day I want to go doesn’t have an empty leg available?

If there aren’t any empty legs that will fit your schedule, we’ll endeavor to change or reroute an empty leg trip.

Are there always empty legs?

We can often guarantee empty legs two to three days in advance for long-haul flights. One or two days before a short-haul journey, empty legs are assured. You will always be made aware of the situation with the vacant leg, and no payment will be required until the flight is officially booked.