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While it may seem like private jet manufacturers are doing their best to stand out from the crowd, it’s hard not to notice that most private jet aircraft are not known for their color variety. Almost all of them are painted white. If you stick to the exact terminology, then this shade of white is called Matterhorn White. The paint of this color is most often used today for painting aircraft.

Aircraft may have a colored stripe, logo, or pattern, and while it is likely that an owner will want to paint a private jet pink, green, or gold, the basic white jet is considered the traditional choice for both private and commercial jets. When planes leave the manufacturer’s assembly line, they are usually painted green – this is the shade that is given to the board by a zinc phosphate primer. That is why we can see green liners during the flight test stages. And while there is no technical reason why the planes can’t stay that way, they are usually painted white before being shipped to the customer. Here are some reasons for this.

jet white

Why do private jet manufacturers make them white?

Manufacturers know their jobs since one of the biggest reasons they paint private jets white is the increased functionality of this color. The fact is that private jet manufacturers know that:

The white color does not fade

The “obsolescence” of white paint is less noticeable than paint of any other color. Exposure to sunlight at high altitudes can affect deeper colors, while most whites will not fade.

Cracks and chips are clearly visible on a white background

While color fading does not affect safety issues, other defects such as cracks or chips will certainly be visible. And on a white jet surface, they have nowhere to hide. This is a big advantage for maintenance and safety.

Yes, any white thing is more difficult to keep clean and any stains will be evidence of untidiness. For example, all oil leaks are clearly visible on a white surface, which can be easily noticed and eliminated.

The white color is clearly visible in the sky

A white plane is easier to spot at night at the airport and in the sky. This is why military aircraft that don’t want to be seen are rarely white and usually take on camouflage shades of grey, green or blue. Another plus to the safety of flying on a white private jet.

Easy rental

Many private owners lease their jets when they are not using them and want to make flying taxis attractive to themselves and potential renters. A charter is a way to offset some of the high costs of owning a jet (but even then, buying a private jet isn’t always worth it). And for this, they use the white color with which it is easier to rent a white plane because it is enough to change the livery. Some leasing companies generally prohibit completely repainting the aircraft.

In addition, the white color also helps private jet owners make their jet rentals more profitable. The calculation is straightforward – the more paint, the heavier the aircraft, the greater the fuel consumption, and the higher the cost of its operation.

Economic factors

Due to its popularity, white aviation paint is more affordable and cheaper than other colors. For example, the cost of painting an aircraft can reach 200,000 dollars, and this is only for one jet. In addition, after applying each layer, the paint should dry for about 12 hours. Plus, all layers must be uniform so that the aircraft does not lose in aerodynamics. And it is very costly both in time and economically.

It is also known that the white color allows for raising the price of a private jet for its resale and charter. The fact is that the new owner can easily repaint small sections of the plane’s side instead of investing much more money in a complete repaint.

white private jet

White color has a temperature advantage

It reflects the sun’s rays amazingly, unlike other colors that absorb and reflect only part of the rays. This means the aircraft’s cabin stays cooler, which can be a particular advantage on a runway in hot climates.

A white private jet is traditionally more attractive

People often have deep and subconscious emotions towards certain colors. For example, in Hanafy and Sanad’s study, 23 colors were ranked from most to least preferred, while white was rated the most attractive color. Most passengers feel more comfortable and safer when boarding the traditional white jet.

White is a blank canvas

There is no better base color to put a company logo on. The white fuselage is like a big blank canvas for the owners or marketers of the manufacturer. If you want to use the services of private aviation, then we are always happy to help you with our Carter Jets, Inc. airplanes!

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Is it possible to paint a private jet any color?

The owner of a private jet can paint his plane in a variety of colors, ranging from pink to green. However, the most popular color for painting jets is white.

Can jets be painted black?

Yes, jets can be painted black. However, this color is not popular. The fact is that black colors fade much faster than light colors, which leads to frequent repainting of the jet.

Are white planes lighter?

White planes are lighter than jets with other colors. The fact is that darker paint contains more pigment, which increases the aircraft’s weight.

How much would it cost to paint a private jet?

Painting prices change annually. On average, a paint job for an average jet will set you back $200,000.