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Flying on a private jet as an alternative to regular and charter flights is preferred by top businessmen, leading politicians, world-class musicians and artists, members of royal families, and ordinary lovers of luxury. 

The vast majority of business jet passengers are interested in private jet bathrooms. And sometimes, this can be a key decision factor when it comes to choosing the category of the plane.

Most customers are eager to understand the details of what services they will receive, and the list can vary greatly from one plane to another, from simpler amenities on lighter private jets to multiple bathrooms and luxurious showers and jacuzzis on long-haul planes and converted airliners. 

Customer requirements vary widely as well, and it’s often difficult to do without expert advice. Charter Jets, Inc. offers you the opportunity to choose a private plane with a bathroom that you like. And if you still do not know what choice to make, our experts will help you decide.

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Types of bathrooms depending on the size of the jets

In all private jets, the size of the bathroom depends on the size of the plane. This is a commonly known fact, as the larger the private jet, the more amenities you can fit in there: a shower or even a jacuzzi. If you want a lot of amenities on your flight, you need to pick a larger plane. Charter Jets, Inc. can help you choose the best option for you.

Most private jets in this category, such as the Phenom 300, Nextant 400XTi, Citation CJ2, or others, have simple lavatories that are usually installed in the tail section of the cabin. The lavatory on these planes is a fairly narrow room that is separated from the rest of the space. Typically, even a very small room is equipped with a toilet, washbasin, mirror, and a small closet for necessary items. The lavatory space is small but very well designed and functional for the small flights that these types of private aircraft perform.

The larger the size of the jet, the more spacious the bathrooms become. For large groups of passengers and flights of up to 4-5 hours, more comfortable conditions are needed. For example, the Citation XLS+ is a popular midsize private jet that has a well-designed aft lavatory

The super-midsize private jets, such as the Legacy 500, offer additional amenities and bathroom space, with a well-designed washbasin area, storage space, and plenty of room to move around, allowing the bathroom to be used as a separate dressing room. The bathroom here has similar elements as on higher class business jets and includes a toilet, washbasin, mirror, and closet. But the larger space in this room provides the ability to change the arrangement of items or even add something to your taste and discretion. A good solution might be a small dressing room, in which you can put bathrobes or comfortable clothes. It is nice to change clothes on the flight, to feel like on the plane almost at home.

For longer flights (up to 9-12 hours), long-range private jets offer passengers extra space and bathroom amenities. 

Leaders in this category are the Global, Falcon, and Gulfstream models. These ultra-long-range jets can fly for more than 12 hours and their bathrooms are impressive and well equipped. The Gulfstream G650, the private jet, also includes a bathroom shower option that provides a hot water supply with a digital panel that shows the remaining hot water. 

These models offer very stylish and well-equipped bathrooms with a toilet, sink, natural light, and extra closets. And some private jets can even be equipped with showers. For example, the Falcon 8X also has a shower stall where the passenger can stand or sit and use a hand-held showerhead or a ceiling-mounted rain head. 

How do bathrooms work on private planes?

We’ve already written a bit about the standard bathroom set-up in private jets. But now, let’s take a closer look:

Most private jets are equipped with at least one lavatory. And as we wrote above, the availability of bathrooms and their variations depend on the size of the private jet. Smaller planes, which are designed for short distances, have only toilets and a sink. However, a luxury lavatory is not a priority for these planes because the flight distance is small.

Planes with a larger cabin, such as a Phenom, offer a small lavatory with a toilet. A mirror with lights, a small sink, a coat rack, and a toilet are standard.

On mid-range private jets, there is a larger bathroom equipped. This offers more space in the bathroom and an additional walk-in closet.

Larger private jets, which are designed for long-haul flights, may include a bathroom with a shower with a showerhead or ceiling head, a toilet, a mirror with lights, and a walk-in closet. For great privacy, the windows inside the bathroom are tinted. A shower on a long-haul flight is something many passengers like. 

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Private jets with the most comfortable bathrooms 

Have you ever wondered which private planes have the largest and most comfortable bathrooms? We’re about to tell you:

Former American President Donald Trump’s plane is not only one of the most expensive private jets, but the bathroom is appropriate. The bathroom is an impressive size, and it also has gold plumbing – although Mr. Trump assures that it is only gilding.

The Boeing of Asian billionaire Joseph Lau. It’s not just a plane – it’s an entire apartment, which is even better than the presidential hotel apartment. The two-story plane has several luxurious bathrooms that could replace a real spa.

The most expensive plane in the world is the Saudi prince’s Airbus 380. Considering that this plane flies a real prince, everything inside corresponds to its status. This plane will surprise you with a pool inside and a spa area where you can relax while a staff of 10 stewardesses makes delicious cocktails.


If I have never flown on a private jet before, can you help me make the right choice?

Yes! Charter Jets, Inc. will help you make the right choice for your first flight and unforgettable experience.

Which plane should I choose for my long-haul trip?

Your best bet is to choose one of the planes designed for long-distance travel. Charter Jets, Inc. has different variations of the jets, such as Gulfstream, Falcon, or Global models, which are the favorites of many customers.

Is it expensive to fly private?

It is certainly more expensive than flying by charter plane, but it is more comfortable because only the people you care about will be with you and you can fly whenever you want. Especially if you’re flying with friends, it won’t be expensive for everyone.