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The G550 and G650 models are designed by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. G 550 and G 650 serve as the final Gulfstream business aircraft from the time before the Symmetry Flight Deck. But, what are the differences between the Gulfstream G550 and G650? In the following sentences, we’ll discuss production metrics and how much it costs to rent these planes.

The Gulfstream G650 combines all the qualities a long-haul aircraft should have: elegance, speed, and style. As a result, it serves as an example and raises the bar for competitiveness. The Gulfstream G650 planes can easily travel large distances without making additional stopovers and offer the longest range flights in its category.

With its sleek exterior, luxurious cabin, enough power, and superb flying characteristics, the Gulfstream G550 planes are a real Mercedes among aircraft. It is the ideal aircraft for VIPs. The Gulfstream G550 started shipping in 2003, and deliveries stopped in 2021. There are 622 G550s in use right now.

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Features of Gulfstream G550 airplane

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a division of General Dynamics, manufactures the G550 and G650. Both aircraft complete their tasks with a degree of dependability and performance that has garnered GAC significant loyalty from pilots, operators, and owners.

Over 2,000 aircraft of various types and upgrades, including Gulfstream G280, G350, G450, G500, G550, G600, and Gulfstream G650, G650ER, have been sold lately. Take a look at the airplanes’ most noticeable characteristics.

  • High-speed
  • Extended range
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Stylish

Those features amazingly describe Gulfstream airplanes. The world’s highest-flying quality is offered by these aircraft. Gulfstream’s strength mainly comes from developing and enhancing business class aircraft types. The corporation sells possibly the most cutting-edge jets regarding technological advancements and equipment.

  • Businesspeople, sheiks, oligarchs, politicians, and state leaders worldwide are flying the Gulfstream 550. This American machine has been produced since 2003.
  • The G550’s flying characteristics and aerodynamic capabilities are rather remarkable; the aircraft can fly at an altitude of 15,000 meters and a cruise speed of 940 km/h, and it can go nonstop from Warsaw to California (on the west coast of the USA) in only one trip.
  • In its military iterations, these aircraft are used in Singapore, Israel, and Italy for electromagnetic reconnaissance and advanced detection. The G550 is available in Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, the USA, Uganda, and Poland, starting in the middle of 2017.
  • The cabin does not resemble a “regular” transport aircraft because it is technically a military aircraft. A large number of individuals can board the airplane. More precisely, there are 19 passenger seats in the opulent VIP cabin while flying on a Gulfstream of such type.
  • Gleaming finishes or expensive materials draw the eye once inside the airplane. The crew has their own space. There is a conference room with the option of teleconferencing, a lounge for business meetings, and a relaxing area in the back.

The G550 plane has a maximum baggage capacity of 170 cubic feet and can accommodate up to 19 passengers. The G550, which is a component of the Gulfstream project, can fly up to 51,000,550 feet. Cost-wise, the G550 is anticipated to have an hourly charter rate of $7,650. Additionally, the new unit’s price of a Gulfstream G550 is $62 million.

g650 plane

Features of Gulfstream G650 airplane

The G650 is Gulfstream’s premier long-distance aircraft and sets the bar for rivals. On routes like New York-Dubai, it boasts the broadest range of any civilian airplane in its class.

  • The G650 is powered by two of Rolls-exceptional Royce’s effective BR725 engines and has the fastest long-range aircraft on the market with an astounding maximum cruise speed.
  • The Gulfstream G650 range achieves high speed and long-range flying and has the biggest cabin in the Gulfstream fleet, accommodating up to twelve people in cozy seats and couches. Additionally, the integrated fresh air ventilation system combats fatigue during the voyage, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination relaxed.
  • Due to its highly spacious interior, it can travel longer and faster than any other jet in its class while maintaining the highest level of luxury. It can comfortably seat up to 13 persons in three distinct zones on plush couches and sofas.

Along with excellent performance, flying Gulfstream G650 plane also features the newest entertainment technologies.

  • Additionally, the latest turbulence detection and noise reduction systems guarantee a peaceful, stable, and comfortable flight. Gulfstream has reduced passenger tiredness, as with the G550, by using a 100% fresh air system and a 6,000-foot maximum cabin pressure.

Gulfstream G550 vs Gulfstream G650 airplanes

Charter safety rating systems have set pilot and co-pilots’ industry requirements, which demand that they be accident-free. Pick from the best service providers who have demonstrated a consistent dedication to the security of their customers.

Gulfstream G550 Gulfstream G650
The G650’s cabin, which was initially launched in 2012, is more than four feet longer, three inches taller, and more than a foot broader. The G650’s cabin is four feet shorter, three inches shorter, and more than a foot narrower.
With Rolls-Royce BR725 motors, it is the biggest and fastest Gulfstream on the market. It can go 6,912 nautical miles farther than the G550 and cruises at a speed of 502 miles per hour, nearly 30 knots faster. It can go 6,912 nautical miles shorter than the G550 and cruises at a speed of 502 miles per hour, which is nearly 30 knots slower. The climb rate of Gulfstream G550 is 3,950 feet per minute, and the average cruise speed is 488 knots.
The G650 requires 3,182 feet for landing and 6,000 feet for takeoff, with a climb rate of 3,570 feet per minute. The takeoff and landing distances for this G550 type are 5,250 feet and 2,801 feet, respectively.
A PlaneView cockpit that uses Honeywell’s Advanced Flight Deck Display Suite is excluded. A PlaneView cockpit that makes use of Honeywell’s Advanced Flight Deck Display Suite is included.
The price of a Gulfstream G650 is $12,490. The price of a Gulfstream G550 is $10,990.
The G650 consumes 475 gallons per hour, in contrast. The G550 uses just 353 gallons of gasoline per hour.
The G550 will use $520 less gasoline per hour than the G650. The G650 will use $520 more gasoline per hour than the G650.

The following elements may affect the ultimate price of a private jet rental in the Gulfstream g650 and G550 range:

  • The maintenance pertains to both the work done by engineers on the aircraft and refueling during lengthy flights.
  • If you just make a one-way flight, the pilot will need to take the empty leg charter flight. The cost of the trip tends to increase due to fuel use as no people are flying return.
  • The cost will rise if a big aircraft is required in this situation. More employees are needed to service bigger vehicles.
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How much is runway space required for a G550? 

Given its size and range, the G550 only needs a little runway. On an average day, just 5,910 feet of the runway are needed at maximum takeoff weight.

Is Gulfstream G550 secure? 

The G550 is a very dependable aircraft, and the G650 commits to matching its capabilities (speed, climb, and range).

Are the G550 and G650 fly-by-wire flight control?

G650 and G550 business aircraft from Gulfstream are outfitted with a brand-new Thales fly-by-wire system that offers seamless integration and a cutting-edge backup flight control system.

Can the G650 fly internationally? 

The G650 can effortlessly complete flights from Los Angeles to Sydney or New York to Tokyo, as well as flights across continents. The jet has an impressive maximum range of 7,000 nautical miles when transporting eight passengers, four crew members, and NBAA IFR reserves.