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King Air, the greenest business jet in the world, offers the best fuel economy and the lowest cost per passenger mile. It provides performance and functionality that are unmatched in its class. King Air fills the need for a trustworthy and environmentally friendly option in business aviation.

Since this King Air Beechcraft plane, as already noted, is thought to be the most ecologically friendly in its category, it can carry more people while using less fuel throughout the journey, which can result in significant savings. Furthermore, contemporary cutting-edge design and increased performance create new norms for strength and power. This design is highly well-liked; flying in 105 different nations is enjoyable, and officials run the liner in many places.

king air aircraft

Facts about King Air aircraft

The three most popular private aviation routes to Europe last year for the King Air aircraft series were Milan to Rome, Geneva to Paris Le Bourget, and Nice to Geneva. King Air competes with small and medium jets for charter market share on these routes, which are also the most common in Europe for all charter flights.

King Air flights in the USA and Canada are more dispersed, reflecting the many internal routes scattered across North America. Top King Air private jet traffic is between Montreal and Quebec, Calgary and Edmonton in Canada, and Hilo Airport in Hawaii to Honolulu.

Nearly 7,200 King Air Beechcraft have been supplied by Beechcraft since that time, totaling more than 60 million flying hours worldwide.

Overall characteristics

Point to remember when renting an airplane such as King Air:

  • For takeoff and landing, King Air needs at least, 1006 meters and 757 meters, respectively.
  • 145 gallons of gasoline are used by King Air each hour.
  • King Air has room for up to 9 passengers.
  • King Air’s cabin has 1.45 m. height.
  • King Air’s interior measures 5.94 m from the cockpit to the trunk.
  • King Air can fly at a maximum height of 10668 m.
  • King Air travels at a 578 km/h speed.
  • King Air’s maximum flight range is up to 2850 kilometers.
  • A King Air’s cost starts from $1800. The price of buying that aircraft starts from $8 000 000.

The pilot effort on King Air Beechcraft is decreased by features like IS&S ThrustSense Autothrottle, which offers precise control for optimal power output. To improve passenger comfort and further lessen pilot effort, digital pressurization automatically sets cabin pressure on both ascent and decent levels. The Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion interface also makes it simpler to configure flying displays. By tapping and swiping, you can quickly organize flight information.

Long History

The King Air family’s largest and roomiest turboprop aircraft has the lesser versions’ operational and fuel economy. The American business Beech Aircraft Corporation, now a part of the larger Hawker Beechcraft, was responsible for creating King Air. From 1990 through 2009, the airplane King Air main models were manufactured.


Avionics made by Pro-Line Fusion is installed in the airplane. This user-friendly cockpit touchscreen makes it easier to manage, communicate, and fly this aircraft.

The comfort of passengers is boosted by lowering the cabin height.

  • To attain a lower total cabin height, Beechcraft also designed a more excellent cabin pressure system. Additionally, newly designed cabinets, hatch illumination, improved seat designs, and low-profile air and light controls enhance passenger comfort.
  • There is plenty of head and shoulder room within the adequately sized cabin. High-quality leather chairs with a double club arrangement are available. Naturally, there is also an integrated snack bar, lighted cup holders, and a private restroom at the back of the aircraft for passengers’ use

The simplicity of the King Air 360 cabin is lovely.

  • A 15.3-inch high-resolution LCD is housed in a compartment that was specifically made for it. It is possible to display several videos from various sources, including computers brought on board. The King Air’s interior also contains executive seats, foldable tables, power outlets, and USB charging ports. Thanks to these elements, the salon combines the qualities of family space and a great transportable conference area.
  • A benefit of the extensive physical sound separation and innovative noise-canceling technology on King Air aircraft is that discussions are made more straightforward. As a result, passengers may converse without raising their voices. The airplane has Wi-Fi for constant connectivity.
king air models

The most popular King Air models

A revised variant, the King Air 350i, and an extended range version, the King Air 350ER, were introduced by Beechcraft in 2008. The King Air 350i (B300) and King Air 350ER (B300CEF) are both Beechcraft aircraft in the 300 series. Long-distance travel was intended for the extended-range model.

The King Air aircraft 350ER is the perfect option for special missions and other specialized demands like aerial photography, air ambulance, floating operations, surveillance, training, utility/transport, and more, thanks to its larger and stronger landing gear and greater fuel capacity, and higher gross weight.

For business people who utilize the aircraft for various operations, the King Air 350 turboprop is the finest choice. A further and crucial benefit of the Flexcabin technology is that it allows the client to modify the layout of the liner’s cabin at their discretion.

The most recent improvement of the King Air 350/350ER was unveiled as the King Air 360. Many of the 350’s features are also included in the King Air 360. To lessen pilot effort, the 360 provides interior design upgrades in addition to a revamped cockpit.

King Air models

The following models are part of the King Air family of airplanes:

  • Model 90 was the first type created as a light corporate aircraft for up to 7 people.
  • Model 100, which had a longer fuselage and a heavier takeoff weight, was first flown in 1969.
  • Model 200, a modification of the Model 100 with a T-tail, new engines, and a wider wingspan, had its first flight in 1973.
  • King Air 260: in all phases of flight, the King Air 260 turboprop’s standard IS&S ThrustSense Autothrottle technology lessens the stress on the pilot and offers safeguards against engine overheating over-torque situations. Cabin pressure manual control is a thing of the past with the addition of digital pressurization managed by the Flight Management System. This most recent version now includes a standard multi-scan weather radar that offers completely autonomous, ideal scans displaying weather for short, mid, and long ranges.
  • The King Air 250 can travel at a top speed of 574 km/h while getting at a rate of 747 m/min to an altitude of 10,668 m. It has a fuel capacity of 2,059 l and a maximum range of 3,185 km. The aircraft can take off from a shorter distance of 643 meters and needs an 867-meter landing space.
  • Model 300 made its debut in 1983, featuring upgraded avionics, stronger engines, and heavier takeoff weight. The 200 and 300 are still being produced today.
  • King Air 350, with an extended fuselage and winglets, had its first flight in 1990. The B300 model was its original name.
  • King Air 350i: a pressurized, twin-engine turboprop business aircraft with a cantilever low wing cantilever, a T-tail, and a ventral fin, the King Air 350i have two engines. It features two wheels on each major unit of its retractable tricycle landing gear.
  • King Air 360: with standard technologies like the IS&S ThrustSense Autothrottle, which provides precise control for maximized power output and includes Overtorque/Overtemp protection for a more effective takeoff, the next King Air 360 turboprop minimizes pilot effort. To improve passenger comfort and further lessen pilot effort, digital pressurization automatically schedules cabin pressure throughout both ascent and descent.

For what purposes can you rent a King Air airplane?

In charter airlines, air taxi services, freight transportation, and other aviation-related jobs, a King Air aircraft is frequently used as a private or commercial aircraft worldwide. The aircraft has been extensively modified for the military.

  • With a longer fuselage, a bigger wingspan, and drag-reducing vertical spinners, Raytheon provides the Beechcraft King Air 350, the most recent iteration of the Super King Air series. 10 to 16 people can fit here.
  • When flying a King Air, you may see that its redesigned cabin is spacious and comfy. The ground-breaking FlexcabinTM technology transforms your workspace into a play area as needed, and the innovative VenueTM cockpit control system makes flying comfortable and easy.

In addition to private charter flights, the King Air Beechcraft family is frequently employed as an emergency service for healthcare and evacuation missions. More air ambulances than any other company have been produced by Beechcraft and are frequently equipped with specialized machinery. King Air can fly into airports with short runways and grass airstrips and have minimal operating expenses.

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What do King Airs have inside?

The King Air 350I is ideal for business travel and is equipped with LED reading and table lighting, power outlets at each seat, and built-in executive work tables that can be hidden. The airplane is equipped with Wi-Fi and a private bathroom as standard.

How much does a King Air’s maintenance cost?

The Beechcraft King Air has total variable expenses of $739,350.00, total fixed costs of $96,813.00, and a yearly budget of $836,163.00 based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and a fuel cost of $7.00 per gallon.

How long does the King Air fly?

The aircraft has a 100-mile range and can stay in the same place for more than seven hours. With its increased gross weight of 16,500 pounds, it returns to its base and still lands with more than 45 minutes of fuel remaining after takeoff.

Do two pilots need to operate a King Air?

The King Air 300, 350, CJs, Beech Premier, Mustang, and many more aircraft are permitted for single-pilot flight, but the pilot needs a type rating to fly alone.