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While saving time, complete freedom, and independence are the main benefits of private aviation, the opportunity to relax and sleep peacefully during a long journey on board a business jet is also highly valued. This is why aircraft manufacturers prioritize functionality and space optimization in their aircraft cabin design. In the modern world, an aircraft has smoothly transitioned into a 5-star hotel room where you can see everything!

Various options are available to ensure optimal comfort for passengers. They range from simple ergonomic reclining seats on small aircraft to actual suites on large aircraft converted into private business jets. In order to present all the options to our readers, we have prepared an overview of the options for sleeping on private jets. Use the services of CharterJet Inc. to experience the innovation for yourself and find planes with beds at the best price! The presented aircraft below you can easily find in our catalog of jets.

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Why flying on a private plane is so comfortable

A private plane is so comfortable because, first of all, you get the flight conditions you want to see on board. Private aviation is the key to a comfortable flight, which can be seen from the beginning to the end of it:

  • Aircraft choice. When choosing a private plane, all the customer’s requirements are taken into account, so on board, they will meet everything necessary for the flight. This applies to both beds and the necessary innovative solutions.
  • Flight preparation. You do not need to book a seat on the flight in advance, as absolutely any seat on board will be available to you. Also, during the flight, you will not need to check in your pet in the luggage compartment because it can fly next to you. In addition, you can order any cuisine on the plane to ensure a pleasant meal.
  • Flight. Private aviation passengers check in  at VIP terminals, where, of course, there are no queues. While he is being checked in for the flight, he is waiting in the lobby. Then, while crossing the border, his luggage is checked and loaded on board. On board, the passenger is met and greeted by the captain, it is proposed to settle in any convenient place. And then, the crew does everything to make the flight as comfortable as possible for the client.

Of course, a distinctive feature of private jets is the ability to create comfortable conditions for a good sleep. Therefore, let’s find out which private jets are capable of this.

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Top 9 private jets with bedrooms

For your  your attention, we have selected the best private jets that have bedrooms:

  • Boeing Business Jet BBJ
  • Airbus ACJ319

Below we will analyze each of the aforementioned aircraft in more detail, indicating the most interesting features of the interior and model parameters. You can also use the attached links to find planes with beds at a fair price.

Embraer Phenom 300E

The aircraft’s interior, designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, offers passengers the highest level of comfort in its class. The salon in the Phenom 300 has up to eight ergonomic passenger seats.

The design is distinguished by a variety of intelligent solutions and details. The parameters of the aisle between the salon seats are designed in accordance with the structural features of the human body. It widens in the shoulder area, which gives the cabin an elegant shape and provides passengers with more freedom of movement and comfort. In addition, the chairs are equipped with retractable armrests, similar to those used in the automotive industry. This allows you to transform the seats into folding beds on a private plane with ease. The Phenom 300 also has the largest luggage compartment in its class.

Dassault Falcon 900

The layout of the cabin allows you to carry up to 15 passengers. Thanks to its 3-zone wide-body cabin, the Falcon 900EX is the most comfortable aircraft in its category. In addition to the sofa, two seats can be used as a place to sleep, they are combined to form a full-size bed.

Falcon 900EX has a spacious cabin with excellent finishing and modern electronics on board. The salon is divided into two parts, which creates conditions for privacy for concentrated work or a relaxing holiday. Service areas include a galley, restrooms, and a spacious aft luggage compartment accessible during flight.

During the flight, passengers are provided with a satellite phone, a DVD player, a CD player, LCD monitors, an Airshow system, office, and entertainment equipment.

Gulfstream G650ER

Here you will find a full toilet with all amenities, a wardrobe, and a spacious luggage room. There are also tables, TVs, a kitchenette, a bar, and all related luxuries. As for the bed, it is created by transforming the private plane’s two chairs that are opposite each other. You can also turn the sofa into a double bed.

Lighting, temperature, table position, and other amenities in the cabin can be controlled using a special application on your smartphone. There is even a wireless printer – you can work with documents in flight and print them if necessary.

The aircraft can fly at a speed of 1133 km/h at an altitude of up to 15,500 meters. The flight range without refueling is 14,000 km. You can fly from any city to almost any other city.

Boeing Business Jet BBJ

Owners can change the configuration of the cabin according to their needs. There is enough space on board to create comfortable conditions for both work and leisure. The interior of the aircraft is created individually for each customer.

The private jet can accommodate not only a spacious living room with massive furniture and a business office with a large work desk but also a bedroom with a king size bed, a spacious luggage compartment, a comfortable, functional kitchen, and a separate bathroom with a full-size shower. A satellite communication system on board enables passengers to maintain business contacts anywhere in the world, regardless of the aircraft’s location.

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Bombardier Global Express

This aircraft is typically used for ultra-long-range flights. Therefore, in addition to the sofa, which transforms into a bed, you can see other technological innovations. This aircraft comes standard with the Bombardier Enhanced Vision System, which promotes soft landings and helps pilots control the aircraft more sensitively in various weather conditions.

So you don’t have to worry about your sleep.

Diode lamps with a soft glow were used to illuminate the interior.

A high level of security is provided by the Central Aircraft Information Maintenance System monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnostics system.

Airbus ACJ319

The cabin of this liner is the same in cross-section as that of the ACJ318, but longer, which allows the same 19 passengers, for whom it is designed as standard, to sit with even greater comfort. The dimensions of the cabin made it possible to zone the space for productive work, good rest, and entertainment.

Excellent noise insulation and the remoteness of the engines fixed under the wing make the aircraft quiet even during takeoff. The highlight of the jet is the bedroom with a double bed and a large shower.

Embraer Legacy 450

Embraer invited the world-famous design studio BMW Group Designworks USA,which has repeatedly received international awards for the interior decoration of business aviation aircraft to work on interior design.

Passengers will especially appreciate the flat floor, state-of-the-art control system, advanced equipment, full-size sleeping accommodations made up of specially designed seats, as well as the quality of finishing with expensive materials.

Cessna Citation XLS+

The salon of the Citation XLS +, with its relatively small size, is ergonomic and creates comfortable conditions for six to nine passengers. The height of the cabin is 1.73 m due to the recess in the aisle. There is enough space in the cabin for a compact kitchen, toilet, and wardrobe. Armchairs located opposite each other are transformed into sleeping places.

On board, there is a separate place for the stewardess. The luggage compartment is isolated and located in the tail section of the aircraft. The interior embodies the restrained classics of aviation design.

Bombardier Global 7500

Among all business jets, the Global 7500 has the status of the only airliner with four passenger areas and a crew lounge. On the plane, you can find both essentials and special devices that provide comfort during flight.

On board the jet, there is a bedroom, a conference room or a living room, work offices with Internet access, a fully equipped kitchen, and a shower. Nuage Seat Passenger Seats with Smooth Transform System provide comfort in any position.


How much does a private jet with a bedroom cost?

The rental price of a private jet with a bedroom depends on the particular aircraft. For example, the Bombardier Global Express will cost an average of $7,200 per hour.

Are there rooms in private jets?

There are private jets that are separated into full-fledged sectors and rooms to create privacy and comfort. This applies to aircraft such as Boeing Business Jet BBJ, Bombardier Global Express, and others.

Which private jet has a shower?

Today there are private jets that can even offer showers, like the Global 7500 and Gulfstream G600. And, of course, the most luxurious bathrooms are found on board VIP liners. They may include several bathrooms with showers, hydromassage, and even a steam room.

Are there toilets on private jets?

The planes are equipped with classic dry closets. It is worth remembering that it is forbidden to throw any objects into the toilet, including paper. For this, there is a bin next to the toilet.